Victor Chabert 6:55 a.m., June 28, 2022

In the National Assembly, the battle rages between the Nupes and the National Rally for the presidency of the finance committee.

The Republicans who could tip the scales in favor of Marine Le Pen's candidate.

A tricky question for right-wing MPs.

Who will chair the Finance Committee?

Given the number of Republican deputies in the National Assembly, the latter will have to negotiate with other groups to obtain key positions.

And an opportunity opens up to them: that of an agreement with the National Rally on the presidency of the finance commission.

Clearly, support Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy of the Somme and candidate of the RN, in exchange for a boost from the party to the flame in favor of Éric Ciotti for a post of quaestor, a sort of great financier of the National Assembly.

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Historically, since the Third Republic, three quaestors have been responsible for financial and administrative services, can we read in the regulations of the National Assembly.

No new expenditure can be committed without their prior opinion. 

The warning of outgoing President Éric Woerth

Marine Le Pen has understood this well.

So the president of the National Rally is on the move: she multiplies the phone calls to LR deputies.

A scenario that worries Éric Woerth, outgoing chairman of the finance committee, recently rallied to the presidential majority.

He warns the right: "Beware of too much porosity. Too much porosity on small arrangements can, at some point, create porosity on the ideology itself."


Presidency of the Finance Committee: who are the contenders for the post?

One element could push for this agreement between LR and the RN: the candidacy of the Insoumis Éric Coquerel on behalf of Nupes for this key position.

A very divisive profile for right-wing elected officials.

Answer Thursday morning, the day of the election of the chairman of the finance committee... by secret ballot.