China News Agency, Beijing, June 28th: ​​Overseas Chinese teenagers "travel" in China

  Author Jin Xu

  The 2022 "Family Love in China, Telling Stories for You" online camp organized by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese opened one after another.

Interesting live classes, textbooks with regional characteristics, and Chinese culture courses that entertain and teach... The vast majority of overseas Chinese teenagers have truly experienced the joy of learning Chinese culture.

  Cultural infiltration to eliminate "strangeness"

  "After attending the summer camp, I know more about China and love everything related to China." Shi Yaqi from the Philippines is fond of Chinese culture and has signed up for 18 summer camp trips.

  "The knowledge that used to be half-understood has gradually become clear." Shi Yaqi told reporters that she always thought that the zongzi leaves were banana leaves, but it was not until she learned that they knew that they were bamboo leaves or reed leaves.

"Roll two or three leaves into a funnel shape, put in the glutinous rice and then press and tie them together. After a while, a beautiful triangular zongzi appeared in the teacher's hands. I followed the teacher's steps and explored slowly. With the help of unlocking new skills, the dumplings made by yourself are the sweetest."

  Qiu Jintao from the Philippines participated in the summer camp for the first time. He admitted that this close contact with Chinese culture has eliminated the strangeness and ambiguity that he once had.

"Tea is not just a hot drink that can be brewed and brewed immediately, there are actually a lot of etiquette and customs behind a cup of clear tea." Qiu Jintao has a deep feeling for the tea drinking habit of "a thousand miles is different, a hundred miles is different". It is said that it is a vivid embodiment of the long history and long history of Chinese tea culture.

  "The Monkey King first appeared, stealing ginseng fruit, borrowing banana fans three times... These well-known myths and stories are often read and new." Wang Huancheng from the United States is a "Journey to the West" "level ten" lover, "I was alone in the class. I played the role of 'Triangle' and re-interpreted how the heroic Sun Dasheng conquered the monsters in the country of Bhikshu. The teachers and classmates were amused by my performance." He said that "Journey to the West" not only broadened his horizons, but also received applause. .

  Be a teller of Chinese stories

  By applying what they have learned, Chinese teenagers share Chinese culture in their home country and become little tellers and communicators of Chinese stories.

  Li Zhang Xiyuan from Spain often shares the traditional Chinese stories he has learned with his classmates. "Fortunately, they are fascinated and interested in China, and our friendship has deepened during the interaction."

  "New Year pictures, face changing in Sichuan opera, scenic spots in Sichuan, national treasure giant panda... I can't wait to tell foreign friends what I have learned." Xie Qinger, a Chinese teenager from Spain, told reporters that she and her friends decided to make face masks together, "We I carefully selected the patterns I liked on the Internet and tried to draw the symmetrical beauty of the face. I am very happy."

  Li Xiaoyaxi from Copenhagen, Denmark has made great progress in Chinese reading and writing. "In school, I can also teach my teachers to write characters such as 'eat hot pot' and 'giant panda', which gives me a great sense of achievement and strengthens my learning. Chinese determination."

  Chinese landscapes are better to hear than to see

  Li Nuoran, a Chinese-American teenager, said that the courses in the summer camp continued to inspire her enthusiasm for learning Chinese and yearning for Chinese landscapes.

"The experience of 'Yunyou' Crescent She Village has aroused my curiosity. If I have the opportunity, I would also like to visit Sheji, taste special food, learn original ecological dance, and experience the unique Shezhai style."

  "After the epidemic is over, I want to go back to my hometown of Fujian with my family." Qiu Jintao said that the moist cakes with soft skin, fragrant fillings and rich ingredients imply reunion, which made him unforgettable. "In addition to the taste of southern Fujian, I also want to go to Quanzhou. Experience the charm of the starting city of the 'Maritime Silk Road'."

  Li Xiao Yaxi hopes to have the opportunity to "check in" local delicacies in Chongqing and experience different customs.

"I want to go to Pengshui to wear Miao costumes and feel the touch of Miao embroidery. I also want to try pan-heading and wearing fine silver jewelry..." (End)