(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) In addition to Beijing and Shanghai, other provinces in mainland China, low-risk Tianjin Anhui, reproduced local nucleic acid positive personnel

  China News Agency, Beijing, June 27. Comprehensive news: 23 new local infections (confirmed + asymptomatic) were added in mainland China on the 26th, with less than 25 cases for 3 consecutive days.

As of 6:00 on the 27th, except for the Beijing and Shanghai markets, other provinces in mainland China are low-risk areas.

The local epidemic situation in mainland China remains low, and other provinces except Beijing and Shanghai are low-risk

  China's National Health Commission announced on the 27th that there were 39 new confirmed cases in mainland China on the 26th, including 34 imported cases and 5 local cases.

There were 67 new cases of asymptomatic infections, including 49 imported cases and 18 local cases.

No new deaths were reported.

  As of 24:00 on the 26th, there are 548 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 5,226 deaths, and a total of 225,565 confirmed cases.

There are currently 320 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 19,305 confirmed cases and no deaths.

  According to official reports, there were 23 new local infections in mainland China on the 26th, and the number was lower than 25 for three consecutive days.

Among them, 5 cases were confirmed locally, from Beijing (3 cases) and Shanghai (2 cases).

There were 18 new cases of local asymptomatic infections on the same day, distributed in 7 provinces, which was the largest number of local asymptomatic infections in the past 8 days, including 6 cases in Liaoning, 3 cases each in Anhui and Guangdong, Shanghai and Guangxi 2 cases each, 1 case each in Beijing and Yunnan.

  According to the State Council's epidemic risk inquiry applet, as of 6:00 on the 27th, there are 15 medium and high risk areas in mainland China, including Beijing and Shanghai.

One of the high-risk areas is in Changping District, Beijing.

14 medium-risk areas: 12 in Shanghai and 2 in Beijing.

Two places in Shanghai have been reduced to low-risk areas, and Tianjin has reproduced nucleic acid positive personnel

  After zero new local infections for two consecutive days, Shanghai added 2 local confirmed cases and 2 local asymptomatic infections on the 26th, of which 2 asymptomatic infections were found in community screening.

As of 24:00 on the 26th, Shanghai has reported a total of 58,137 local confirmed cases of the current round of the epidemic, 49 cases are currently being treated in hospitals, and a total of 588 deaths.

  The Shanghai Leading Group Office for Epidemic Prevention and Control announced on the 27th that from 0:00 on the 28th, Baoshan District and Songjiang District will be adjusted from medium-risk areas to low-risk areas.

By the 28th, the number of medium-risk areas in Shanghai will be reduced to 10.

  The Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters reported on the 27th that 4 cases of positive infection (not yet typed) were found in Tianjin's routine nucleic acid test for the closed-loop management staff of the international flight entry service guarantee.

Relevant municipal and district departments have implemented control over close contact and sub-close contact, conducted comprehensive environmental sampling and terminal disinfection of the sites involved, and organized related disposal work such as flow traceability and nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.

  The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on the 27th that Beijing added 3 local confirmed cases and 1 local asymptomatic infection on the 26th, respectively from Tongzhou District and Economic Development Zone. Implement control measures.

Shenzhen added 3 more local infections, Dandong's current round of infections reached 270

  Guangdong Province reported 3 new cases of local asymptomatic infections on the 26th, all of which were reported in Shenzhen.

Since the discovery of 2 asymptomatic infections in community screening on June 18, Shenzhen has reported more than 20 local infections in the past 9 days.

  According to reports, the 3 new cases of infection in Shenzhen were all detected in close contacts under quarantine observation, and all lived in Futian District.

Futian District recently issued a notice saying that since June 18, there have been many positive cases in Shenzhen, of which the situation in Futian District is more severe, and the source and transmission chain are still to be identified.

Since 0:00 on the 25th, the entire community community and urban village in Futian District have implemented closed management.

  Liaoning Province reported 6 new cases of local asymptomatic infections on the 26th, all of which were reported in Dandong City.

As of 24:00 on the 26th, a total of 270 local infections have been reported in Dandong's "5.24" epidemic.

  The Dandong Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that among the above-mentioned 6 cases of infection, there are still 2 cases with social action trajectories, and involving supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other public places, there is a risk of social hidden transmission.

Relevant experts said that the source of transmission of most cases in this round of epidemic in Dandong is still unclear, and the spread of infected cases may continue for some time.

Anhui Province emerges local infected people, Inner Mongolia medium and high risk areas are cleared

  Anhui Province added 3 new cases of local asymptomatic infections on the 26th, all in Si County, Suzhou City.

This is also the first local infection in Anhui Province this month.

  According to the official introduction of Sixian County, 1 case of asymptomatic infection was found in the nucleic acid test of key populations in the county on the 26th, and 2 more positive people were found in the nucleic acid test of the close contacts of the infected person.

After the outbreak, the county immediately launched an emergency response, and implemented control measures throughout the county from 0:00 on the 27th. Various checkpoints were on duty 24 hours a day, and passenger transport on inter-provincial, city-county highways and urban and rural public transportation were suspended.

  According to a report from Hefei City on the 27th, a nucleic acid positive person was found in the nucleic acid test of the returnees from Hefei Railway Station on the same day.

The person lived outside the province for the past 14 days and returned to Hefei on the 26th.

In order to block the risk of transmission, the Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters decided to carry out a new round of regional nucleic acid testing in the city.

  Inner Mongolia has recorded zero new infections in Japan for 3 consecutive years.

As one of the key areas of the current round of the epidemic in Inner Mongolia, Linxi County, Chifeng City issued an announcement stating that from 0:00 on the 27th, normal production and living order will be restored and it will be transferred to the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control. The area is downgraded to a low-risk area.

So far, Inner Mongolia, which has 11 high-risk areas and 3 medium-risk areas at the same time in this round of epidemics, has achieved low-risk overall.