China News Agency, Los Angeles, June 27 (Reporter Zhang Shuo) Chinese-American entrepreneur Huang Chunhua donated US$7.5 million to the American-Israeli Hospital in Los Angeles County, California, on the 27th, setting a record for a single donation received by the hospital in more than 100 years.

  At noon on the 27th local time, the donation ceremony was held at the American-Israeli Hospital.

Representatives of the Huang Chunhua Foundation, representatives of the American-Israeli American Hospital and the Hospital Foundation, members of the U.S. Congress, officials from California and the San Gabriel Valley and other people from all walks of life attended the event.

The picture shows Huang Chunhua (sixth from left), US Congressman Zhao Meixin (fifth from right) and others attending the donation ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Shuo

  US Congressman Zhao Meixin said that this donation is the largest single donation received by the American-Israeli Hospital since its establishment 119 years ago, and will further improve the hospital's medical service level and improve the medical environment of the local people.

Zhao Meixin presented Huang Chunhua with a certificate of congratulations in recognition of his outstanding contributions to local medical institutions.

  Mike Deribe, president of the American-Israeli Hospital Foundation, said the generous donation will be used to build new hybrid operating rooms, nursing rooms and more to better serve patients.

The new facility will be named "Huang Chunhua Foundation Hybrid Surgery Center".

  Huang Chunhua, founder and chairman of the Huang Chunhua Foundation, founder of Berjaya Financial Corporation and InnoCare Group, said that the US-Imei Hospital has made great contributions to the community with its excellent medical services.

We are willing to do our best to help the hospital expand its medical service capabilities, so that the local people can be cured.

  This is the second donation made by the Huang Chunhua Foundation to a US medical institution this month.

On June 2, the foundation donated US$7 million to the 123-year-old Donghua Hospital in San Francisco, setting a record for a single donation to the hospital.

Donghua Hospital, located in San Francisco's Chinatown, was formerly the Donghua Pharmacy established in 1899. It has developed into an important local public medical service center, and its service targets have expanded from Chinese to all ethnic groups.

  In addition, Huang Chunhua also donated 40 million US dollars to his alma mater Wuhan University in November 2021 through the foundation to promote the development of education in his hometown.