China News Service, June 28. According to the US Chinese website, a few days ago, Ms. Sun, a parent of a 6th grade student living in Queens, New York, told reporters that her daughter Emma was bullied by 4 boys at school. The conduct, including verbal abuse, chokehold, punching and kicking, caused her daughter to have bruises all over her body and left her with severe psychological trauma.

  At noon on the day of the incident, when Emma, ​​a Chinese girl, was playing volleyball in the school, the ball rolled to the side and was snatched and kicked by four boys. When Emma went to get the volleyball back, she was bullied by four people.

  Ms. Sun said she repeatedly went to the school to ask the school to investigate the incident.

Although the school gave an incident report, the contents of the report were inconsistent with the facts she had learned.

She was extremely dissatisfied with the school's failure to notify parents immediately, and the school's follow-up attitude towards the whole incident.

  After the incident, Ms. Sun was very worried about Emma's safety, so she never let her go back to school, which made the school worried and often asked Emma's friends about her current situation.

  Ms. Sun also took Emma to the family doctor for an injury examination and a psychiatrist after the incident. After Emma was diagnosed, she went to a mental health course every week.

Ms Sun said Emma's mental state has affected her daily life.

(Guo Yi)