The train veered off the track and was completely lying on its side on the side of the road.

Passengers who managed to escape through the windows sat on the side of the train lying down, looking up at the sky, waiting for rescue.

The interior of the carriage, with the seats completely lying on its side, was covered with a cloud of dust.

An Amtrak train from Chicago to Los Angeles carrying 250 passengers derailed and capsized while passing through Missouri.

While crossing the railroad crossing, he collided with a dump truck coming across the track.

The dump truck, which collided with the train, was shattered to such an extent that no traces were recognizable, including the entire wheel dislodged.

Three people died and more than 50 were injured in the accident.

[Justin Dunn / Highway Patrol Spokesperson: The train in the accident had about 8 cars including the cargo area.

Seven of them derailed.

There were many injuries, and it was confirmed that three people died, including two train passengers and one dump truck driver.]

The survivors sighed in relief, saying that surviving was a miracle.

[Jason Drinkard/Survivor: After the accident, I looked at people and saw that they were injured and bleeding.

I told my children and my wife that it was thanks to God that I survived.

I can't explain it other than that.]

There is no breaker installed at the intersection where the accident occurred, so it is understood that the dump truck entered the track without realizing that the train was coming.

Because there is no breaker, it is said that there have been accidents in the past at this intersection.

Separately, the Amtrak train also crashed into a car in California yesterday (27th), killing three people and seriously injuring two people.

The U.S. Transportation Safety Board has decided to set up a task force to investigate the accident.