Turkish President Erdogan has indicated that he is ready to launch a military operation against Kurdish armed groups in neighboring Syria.

Turkey has been reluctant to join NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization of both countries, claiming that Sweden and Finland in Scandinavia "support Kurdish armed groups", and headed for accession on the 28th. It is a form that has been shaken before the discussions are held.

Turkey has repeatedly suggested that it will carry out military operations in the northern part of neighboring Syria, saying it is to protect its country from the threat of Kurdish armed groups.

President Erdogan said at a press conference after his cabinet meeting on the 27th, "We will start a military operation in Syria as soon as we are ready," and indicated that we are ready to launch a new military operation.

The background is the application for NATO membership in Sweden and Finland in Northern Europe.

President Erdogan has been reluctant to join, claiming that both countries are "supporting Kurdish armed groups."

On the 28th, in addition to Turkey, the leaders of Sweden and Finland, and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg will join in to discuss the situation.

"We'll document a number of deceptions against terrorist organizations, and it's impossible to expect Turkey's attitude to change unless their attitude changes," Erdogan said of the talks.

President Erdogan has called on Sweden and Finland to reassess their relationship with Kurdish armed groups, which has shaken the West ahead of the talks on the 28th.