China News Service, June 27th. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the summer vacation is coming. In order to enable the majority of primary and secondary school students to spend a safe, healthy, happy and meaningful summer vacation, the General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued the "About Doing a Good Job in 2022". "Notice on Summer Work in Primary and Secondary Schools", deploy and do a good job in related work.

  The notice requires that schools in all regions should effectively strengthen the safety of students, arrange safety education activities before the summer vacation, and adopt various methods to urge parents to fulfill their guardianship responsibilities to ensure the personal safety of students during the summer vacation.

It is necessary to conscientiously do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and guide students to consciously abide by the local new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control requirements during the summer vacation, and conscientiously implement various prevention and control measures to ensure their own health and safety.

  The notice emphasizes that all localities should make full use of the summer vacation to consolidate their learning achievements, guide schools to scientifically arrange students' summer study life, guide students to formulate study consolidation plans, and do a good job of review and consolidation.

It is necessary to actively carry out summer custody services, continue to support qualified schools to actively carry out summer custody services, adhere to the principle of public welfare and inclusiveness, enrich service content, and expand service channels.

It is necessary to coordinate resources to carry out social practice, make full use of public cultural facilities, organize rich and diverse social practice activities for primary and secondary school students in the summer, and encourage and advocate that various public cultural facilities are open to primary and secondary school students for free or at a discount.

It is necessary to actively carry out family education guidance, help parents to reasonably arrange their children's summer vacation, actively build an intimate and harmonious parent-child relationship, pay close attention to their children's mental health, and prevent children from indulging in online games.

  The notice requires that all localities should actively plan for the start of the autumn semester, and use the summer vacation to do a good job in the investigation of potential safety hazards, the new semester opening education and education and teaching arrangements, etc., to ensure the smooth and orderly start of the autumn semester.

Provincial education administrative departments should reasonably determine the start time of the autumn semester, and strictly prohibit individual regions and individual schools from using the summer vacation to organize collective make-up classes, teach new classes, or start classes ahead of schedule.