(25th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong) Ordinary Hong Kong citizens live and work in peace and contentment and hope to have closer ties with the mainland

  China News Agency, Hong Kong, June 27th, title: Ordinary Hong Kong citizens live and work in peace and contentment and hope to have closer ties with the mainland

  China News Agency reporter Wei Huadu

  "In the past 25 years, Hong Kong has changed a lot, and it is more closely connected with the mainland. For me, I speak a lot of Mandarin at work, and I have also traveled to many mainland cities, so I know more and more about the mainland." On the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, Hong Kong citizen Wang Zhiyong said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency recently.

  In 2008, the then Vice-President Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong and visited Wang Zhiyong's family living in Hung Hom to learn about the lives of ordinary Hong Kong citizens.

More than ten years have passed, and Wang Zhiyong is still excited when he recalls the scene at that time.

"It is an unforgettable experience to have such a national leader to visit us." He said, "President Xi gave me the impression of being friendly and easy-going, and he is very observant, and he is very concerned about the lives of ordinary citizens. gas)."

  Wang Zhiyong is a practitioner in the information technology (IT) industry. He joined the industry in 1997 and started from a sales position. After 25 years of hard work, he has now become a manager and has experienced the changes in Hong Kong at work.

  Recalling when he first started his career, he said, "I didn't come from an IT background. At that time, I sent out more than a dozen CVs, and only one got an interview opportunity. I was lucky enough to apply for the job, and I was promoted to 'team leader' three years later. "However, he did not stop the pace of further studies, but used his spare time to enroll in new information technology courses to enrich himself.

  "In recent years, many Chinese-funded enterprises have come to Hong Kong to set up branch offices. We have changed from using English more to speaking Mandarin in our work. I am very fortunate that I have learned Mandarin and can communicate with customers in Greater China to do business. ." When talking about the changes in Hong Kong's business environment, he said: "Hong Kong's IT industry used to be more internationalized, and now the mainland has more and more support for Hong Kong, which is a good change for Hong Kong."

  Innovation and technology are an important part of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Wang Zhiyong believes that Hong Kong is a part of the Greater Bay Area and has different advantages from mainland cities. "For example, if you have technology, I have a venue that can complement each other."

He suggested that IT practitioners in Hong Kong should learn more about the development process of the Greater Bay Area and believe that there will be a lot of room for development in the Greater Bay Area in the future.

  Like many hard-working Hong Kong people, Wang Zhiyong has improved the living standards of his family by relying on his hard work.

In 2010, they moved from the original small house to another larger house in the community.

In recent years, they have also often visited the mainland, including big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. "We will travel and taste delicious food, and we will go to a few more places in the future."

  He said: "Now I have my own family and friends, I feel very happy, despite the pressure at work, you can get what you want with hard work, and when faced with difficulties, just remember 'there are more ways than difficulties '."

  "I hope that the new crown pneumonia epidemic will pass as soon as possible, which is also the wish of many Hong Kong people." Talking about the future, he said: "As for the second wish, Hong Kong people can unite and deal with some social issues to make Hong Kong a better place. ."

  There are many specialty shops in Hong Kong, which often carry the stories of ordinary citizens struggling.

  In San Po Kong, Kowloon, there is a well-known snack shop "629 Egg Waffles", which is visited by a large number of people every day.

The owner Xinge revealed in an interview with reporters earlier that he worked in the Mainland in the 1970s and 1980s, and then returned to Hong Kong to make a living. He has successively opened comic rental and sales shops and tea restaurants. It only opened in 2009, and the number in the shop name is his birthday.

  The new brother, who has deep feelings for both the mainland and Hong Kong, once made a thank you card this year for the medical staff from the mainland who helped Hong Kong to fight the epidemic.

He said: "These medical staff have helped Hong Kong fight the epidemic. I think we should thank them and do small things to express our hearts."

  The new brother comes to the store at 11:30 every morning to prepare to open the store and make local delicacies such as egg waffles and checkered cakes for the neighbors.

Talking about his expectations for life in the future, he said: "What every little citizen pursues is actually very simple, that is, to live and work in peace and contentment." (End)