Deep attention | Eliminate the rot of "unfinished tails"

  Duan Xiangyu, website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission

  "Li Chengming, a fourth-level researcher of the Wenshan State Transportation Bureau, took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and accept bribes during the land acquisition and demolition of the 'Lishui Lakeside' and 'Sakura Valley' project" "Li Yongsheng, Secretary of the Party Group of Jianshui County Ancient City Protection and Development Service Center, etc. , in 'Nixiang Bay', 'Guangci Lake No. 1' and other projects, the issue of illegal approval and ineffective supervision"... Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has continuously notified the exposure of 4 batches of 20 unfinished buildings behind the corruption and irregularities Wind typical problem.

  Cleaning up and rectifying the problem of unfinished buildings concerns the vital interests of the people.

Since the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government started the clean-up and rectification of unfinished buildings in March 2020, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in Yunnan have continued to strengthen supervision and discipline accountability, dig deep into the clues of problems, and seriously investigate and deal with unfinished buildings. The illegal approval, abuse of power, power and money transactions, dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty and other corrupt and unhealthy practices behind the building have formed a strong deterrent.

Irregular approval, use of power for personal gain, transfer of interests, the "unfinished" real estate project exposes corruption and style problems

  To live and work in peace and contentment is the hope and dream of every household.

However, "the house was not finished, the developers ran away", "the children have all gone to school, and the school district housing is still too late to live in", some unfinished buildings have become scars of the city and pain of people's livelihood, and the masses have reacted strongly to this.

  In reality, unfinished buildings often last for a long time, and the causes are quite complicated.

Ms. Xu, a broker of a well-known domestic real estate agency, told reporters that most of the unfinished buildings were formed because the developer's capital chain was broken, and some were suspended due to violations of land planning and other policies, and were seized by the court for legal and litigation.

  In addition to market economy and policy and legal factors, unfinished buildings also exposed many corruption and style problems.

Judging from the 20 cases reported by Yunnan this time, the emergence of these unfinished buildings is behind the abuse of power, the use of power for personal gain, and dereliction of duty.

  Some use their power to make illegal profits in the process of land auctions and transfer of use rights.

For example, Li Lichun, the former director of the Land Acquisition and Reserve Center of the Mangshi Land and Resources Bureau, took advantage of his position to bid for the land use right of the "Shuishui Xuanyuan" plot in the name of his relatives for the former party secretary and director Deng Guanghui of the Ruili City Judicial Bureau. After providing help, the land use right was illegally transferred, Li Lichun illegally profited 1,016,000 yuan, and Deng Guanghui illegally made 3,862,800 yuan.

  Some accept bribes to provide convenience for developers in planning approval, administrative licensing, land acquisition and demolition.

For example, Hu Jinliang, former director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Planning and Construction Bureau of Songming County, took advantage of his position to accept four times in cash from the person in charge of a real estate company in Kunming, totaling 10,000 yuan and 50,000 U.S. dollars to handle Songming County’s entry into the city for his company The planning permit, construction permit, and commercial housing pre-sale permit for the No. 15, 16, and 18 plots are provided for convenience.

  Some of them performed their duties incorrectly, resulting in unlicensed construction and illegal sales of related properties.

For example, Luo Yuan, former member of the Standing Committee of the Yunxian County Party Committee and Deputy County Mayor, did not properly perform their duties during the implementation of the "Yunxian Lancang River Plaza Phase I" construction project, resulting in the project failing to obtain land use rights and construction land planning permits. , the construction project planning permit, the construction project construction permit, the enterprise will start the construction.

  Some of the supervision is not strict, resulting in huge amount of project pre-sale funds out of supervision, or even misappropriation or encroachment.

For example, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Yuxi City and the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Chengjiang City did not supervise the pre-sale work and pre-sale funds in the "Yushui Golden Bank" and "Sakura Valley" projects, resulting in the "Yushui Golden Bank" project. The pre-sale fund of 3.193 billion yuan is out of supervision, and the pre-sale fund of the "Sakura Valley" project is 119 million yuan out of supervision.

  Tang Yalin, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University and director of the Metropolitan Governance Research Center, said that the real estate market and key construction fields have large investment, high interest correlation, and large space for power rent-seeking, which are key areas that are prone to corruption problems. .

In particular, there are some regulatory loopholes in planning approval, bidding and other links, which are easy to promote problems such as power and money transactions and transfer of benefits, laying down hidden dangers for real estate development and leading to the emergence of unfinished buildings.

Emphasis on development and neglect of supervision, the lack of key link systems contributes to the chaos of unfinished buildings

  When reporters interviewed relevant case handlers, "ineffective supervision" and "lack of system" became frequently mentioned words by the interviewees.

  Take the case of Li Chengming, a former fourth-level investigator of the Transportation Bureau of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture as an example.

When Li Chengming was the deputy secretary of the Wenshan Municipal Party Committee and mayor, he took advantage of his position to allocate funds for Wenshan Jinkun Real Estate Development and Management Co., Ltd. in the Wenshan Municipal Government's low-rent housing and affordable housing projects, as well as "Lishui Lakeside" and "Sakura Valley". Provide assistance in land acquisition and demolition of a project, and receive a total of 1.08 million yuan in cash from the person in charge of the company.

  "The developer will write an application, give it to the leaders for approval, and the project funds will be allocated. No one will control where the funds go and where they are used." Director of the Ninth Examination and Investigation Office of the Wenshan Discipline Inspection Commission Xiong Wenlin said that according to local regulations, affordable housing projects are approved at the state level, and Wenshan City (county-level city) is responsible for allocating project funds and daily supervision.

Due to poor supervision, some of the allocated funds were diverted by developers to other private purposes, resulting in the break of the capital chain and the suspension of the project, making it impossible for buyers to move in.

"After the project was 'unfinished', the relevant departments went to adjust the bank flow of the developer's special account and found that the funds were used elsewhere, but it was too late."

  Xiong Wenlin told reporters that in order to boost the local economy, some leading cadres blindly started construction projects, and even allowed to start the construction first and then go through the formalities.

"Fundamentally, we still focus on development and neglect supervision. We always use development as an excuse to ignore supervision, or simply do not allow industry departments to supervise." Xiong Wenlin said.

  In addition to the deviation of the development concept, the lack of systems in some key links has also led to the emergence of unfinished buildings.

For a long time, the pre-sale of commercial housing, as the most direct financing method for real estate enterprises, has been widely used in my country's real estate market.

Before 2022, there is no unified guidance document on the supervision of pre-sale funds at the national level, mainly territorial management.

Some local policy standards are incomplete, which leads to certain problems in the supervision of pre-sale funds.

  There are also loopholes at the regulatory enforcement level.

For example, the "Zhongxi Jinjie" project in Zhaotong City was misappropriated by the developer due to the owner's fundraising, prepayment and other funds, resulting in the suspension of the project from October 2018, which directly caused the economic interests of more than 2,000 home buyers and relocated households to be damaged. , the social impact is bad.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Eighth Inspection and Investigation Office of the Zhaotong Disciplinary Committee and Supervision Committee, in 2016, the Zhaoyang District Government, where the project is located, established an urban comprehensive law enforcement department, and divided its functions and responsibilities with the housing construction department.

The former has the right to punish and the latter has the right to investigate.

"However, the relevant staff did not strictly perform their duties and shied each other's responsibilities, thus failing to effectively stop the developers' illegal collection of pledged funds. At present, the relevant dereliction of duty has been investigated."

Targeted efforts to supervise and rectify, and thoroughly investigate clues to problems involving unfinished buildings

  The cleaning and rectification of unfinished buildings is related to people's livelihood and well-being, and reflects responsibility.

The Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision issued a work plan, clarified the focus of supervision and the requirements for measures, and established a leading group to supervise and promote the cleanup and rectification of unfinished buildings in the province under the leadership of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to comprehensively coordinate and coordinate the cleanup of unfinished buildings. Special supervision for rectification.

Urge the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to comprehensively sort out the unfinished building projects in the province, establish a work ledger for classified management on the basis of finding out the basics, register the rectification system of problems, and grasp the progress of the work.

  From a practical point of view, unfinished buildings are often the so-called "historical problems".

The reporter noticed that most of the violations of discipline and law in the reported cases occurred before the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and some of them have been more than 10 years ago.

The Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has sorted out and investigated the problems involving unfinished buildings that are found in the transfer to the higher level, the acceptance at the same level, or the supervision and inspection and review and investigation by improving the mechanism for transferring clues and information sharing.

For the complaints and reports that the masses have concentrated and typical problems, they will be handed over to the relevant supervision and inspection offices for promotion, direct investigation, and key supervision.

At the same time, urge the member units of the provincial coordination mechanism to complete the work objectives and tasks at all stages, consolidate the responsibilities of the local party committees and governments and the supervision committees of the discipline inspection commissions at all levels, and send orders to the municipal discipline inspection commission supervision commission for outstanding problems in various places, so as to effectively promote the unfinished buildings in various places. Clean up work.

  "Through the information sharing mechanism and comprehensive investigation, 108 petition reports and 31 problem clues have been handled separately, assigned and supervised, and 113 outstanding problems in special rectification in various cities have been handed over to the discipline inspection and supervision committees at all levels for supervision and supervision. Rectification." The relevant person in charge of the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision said that they will pay close attention to the implementation of main responsibilities and supervisory responsibilities in the problem of unfinished buildings, key links and key issues, and formal bureaucracy to strengthen supervision, and focus on the problems found. Precise treatment.

  Heavy punches to maintain a high pressure posture.

The Yunnan Provincial Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Authority has seriously investigated and dealt with violations of regulations, disciplines and laws involving unfinished building projects, seriously held accountable for formal bureaucratic problems such as inaction, chaotic behavior, and slow behavior, and reported and exposed typical problems in a timely manner, forming a deterrent effect.

  "We urge the discipline inspection commissions at all levels in the province to base themselves on their functional responsibilities, consolidate the main responsibilities and supervisory responsibilities of the local party committees, governments and functional departments, and promptly rectify the outstanding problems existing in the clean-up and rectification and problems that harm the interests of the masses, and thoroughly investigate the rottenness. The corruption problem behind the building." The person in charge introduced that as of the end of April this year, the Yunnan Provincial Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Authority had imposed 32 party discipline and government sanctions in the supervision and promotion of the clean-up and rectification of the unfinished building, and transferred 19 people to the judicial organs for interviews on relevant responsibilities. 11 people, 8 people for accountability, 40 people for criticism and education (including conversation reminders and written inspections).

Currently, 36 people are under investigation for review.

Deepen the use of cases to promote reforms

  "As of June 13, 322 of the 334 unfinished buildings in the province have been basically revitalized, with a total resolution rate of 96.41%. The remaining 12 projects that have not been resolved have all entered judicial proceedings, bankruptcy reorganization or bankruptcy liquidation." This is the latest transcript of the unfinished building cleanup and remediation work announced by Yunnan.

  The problem of unfinished buildings involves all aspects, and we must deepen the comprehensive management and the source management.

Yunnan Provincial Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Organs combined "immediate reform" and "long-term establishment", promoted the in-depth integration of case investigation and case-based reform, adopted methods such as discipline inspection and supervision suggestions, reminder letters, etc., to promote functional departments to establish and improve the achievement transformation mechanism, combined with Problem rectification and plugging loopholes, making up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and improving system regulations in a targeted manner, linking upright conduct, discipline and anti-corruption with deepening reforms, improving systems, and promoting governance.

  The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture urges the local party committee and government to conscientiously implement the main responsibility, implement the full supervision of the pre-sale funds, and explore the use of the third-party overall quality and safety inspection and appraisal results as the completion acceptance condition, and successfully dispose of the problem real estate.

Supervise and urge functional departments to implement their supervisory responsibilities, do a good job in project approval, construction and whole-process service and supervision, and apply for certificates for owners affected by developers’ tax arrears in accordance with the disposal method of “separation of certificates and payments”.

  In response to the problems of mutual buck-passing and poor connection between functional departments, the Zhaoyang District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Zhaotong City issued a supervision proposal to the housing construction and other departments to promote them to further establish rules and systems, improve the work connection process, and clear the unfinished buildings. point.

The Wenshan Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision regularly understands the rectification of problems through joint business and on-site investigations, issues reminders and reports in a timely manner for those with slow progress, and conducts supervision and inspection of the normalization of resolved projects to ensure that follow-up measures are in place.

  Tang Yalin suggested that to deal with the problem of unfinished buildings, it is necessary to adhere to the restoration of the political ecology and the restoration of the economic development ecology, not only to dig deep into the problem, to be held accountable, but also to make up for the shortcomings of the system, restore market vitality and confidence, and effectively prevent new "unfinished ends". "Risk builds.

  "At present, the clean-up and rectification have achieved phased results, and the next work tasks are still arduous, and continuous tracking, supervision and promotion are required." The relevant person in charge of the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection said that with the perseverance of continuous tackling, the chain of responsibility should be tightened and the relevant departments should be urged to form The normal and long-term mechanism ensures that the cleaning and remediation of unfinished buildings achieves greater results.