China News Service, Paris, June 27 (Li Yang and Li Yue) French official local time confirmed on the 26th that France plans to restart a coal power plant to ensure the power supply in France this winter.

  The French Ministry of Energy Transition said on the same day that in view of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the current tension in the global energy market, as a safeguard measure, if necessary, the Saint-Avold coal power plant in eastern France will be restarted.

According to data, there is only one coal power plant still in operation in France (Codemes Coal Power Plant). Taking into account environmental protection and energy transformation, French President Macron has promised to close the coal power plant in France within this year.

In the context of this policy, the Saint-Avold coal power plant was closed on March 31 this year.

  Analysts pointed out that once the Saint-Avold coal power plant restarts, France will break the previous rule that French domestic coal power plants can run for up to 700 hours a year.

On the one hand, affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, France reduced its energy imports from Russia; on the other hand, nearly half of France's nuclear power plants were temporarily closed due to equipment renovation or corrosion, resulting in a rapid decline in French nuclear power.

In order to ensure the local power supply this winter, the French government has to consider restarting the coal power plants that have been shut down.

The French Ministry of Energy Transition also promised that, in any case, French coal power generation will not exceed 1% of total power generation, and will not use Russian coal.

  Currently, French society is facing a potential energy supply shortage.

On the 26th, France's three major energy companies (TotalEnergies, EDF and Engie) jointly called on consumers to immediately reduce the consumption of energy such as oil, electricity and natural gas, in order to cope with the possible energy shortage and energy prices.

In an op-ed, France's three major energy companies said real-world difficulties had led to soaring energy prices, threatened France's social and political fabric, severely affected household purchasing power, and called on consumers and businesses to change their habits , save energy immediately.

  In addition, in response to rising energy prices within the EU, at the G7 summit, France proposed to limit the maximum price of oil at the level of producers, and said it needed to re-examine the issue with OPEC and other oil producers. have a discussion.