The roads of Ille-et-Vilaine have been the scene of two very serious accidents involving motorcyclists in the past twenty-four hours.

Sunday around 6:30 p.m., a 21-year-old man died in a violent head-on collision with a car in Saint-Grégoire, a town bordering Rennes.

The accident took place rue de Rennes on an axis in urban areas limited to 50 km/h.

The young driver of the two-wheeler was killed instantly.

The driver was seriously injured.

He was transported in absolute urgency to the CHU Pontchaillou.

The circumstances of the accident are unknown at this time.

This Monday morning around 7 a.m., a second accident mobilized the firefighters, the SAMU and the gendarmerie.

A motorcyclist in his forties was seriously injured in a head-on collision with a car, rue de Rennes, in Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier.

The driver of the two-wheeler was transported medically by the SAMU in absolute emergency to the CHU Pontchaillou.

The motorist was unharmed.

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