China News Service, June 26. According to the WeChat official account of "Hebei Public Security", on the afternoon of June 25, the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department held a video conference of the province's public security organs to implement the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and carry out in-depth summer security crackdowns. The "Hundred Days of Action" has made overall arrangements to promote the maintenance of national political security, crack down on prominent crimes, strictly control chaos and disorder, strictly investigate clues to cases, strictly control key areas, and strictly regulate law enforcement.

Vice Governor, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Provincial Public Security Department Liu Wenxi attended the meeting.

  The meeting emphasized that the province's public security organs should focus on key points and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of crackdowns.

Pay close attention to crimes involving underworld and evil that are not evil, oppressing the masses, disrupting social life order and economic order, gathering crowds to fight, forced trading, picking quarrels and provoking trouble, extortion, illegal detention, organizing prostitution, forced prostitution, opening casinos, intentional damage Property and other crimes involving scumbags, crimes that violate the legitimate rights and interests of minors, women, and the elderly, telecommunication and network fraud and other frequent crimes against wealth, etc. Applying strict codes and zero tolerance to ensure a solid crackdown and rectification effect, and effectively enhance the people's sense of security.

  The meeting demanded that the police force should be placed on the streets as much as possible, sinking into the community, and increasing the rate of seeing the police and managing affairs.

In particular, according to the characteristics of public security in summer, strengthen the night patrol control of key parts and areas, and install "safety valves" for the "fireworks and gas" in the world.

It is necessary to focus on the investigation and rectification of public safety risks and hidden dangers under the guidance of the special campaign to crack down on illegal and criminal gun explosions.

Adhere to the "double filtering" of hidden safety hazards and epidemic risks, and resolutely safeguard the safety of people's lives and property.