Macron remains at the political maneuver in France despite his diplomatic commitments

French President Emmanuel Macron, during the G7 summit at Elmau Castle, June 26, 2022. © Susan Walsh / AP

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National politics also invites itself into the G7 for French President Emmanuel Macron.

A week after losing his absolute majority in the National Assembly, the French head of state is still looking for a solution to govern.

And even if he is engaged until Thursday, June 30 in this long diplomatic sequence, the president wants to get things done in Paris.


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With our special correspondent in Garmisch-Partenkirchen,

Anthony Lattier

A president always on the move despite a busy diplomatic agenda: this is the image that Emmanuel Macron wants to send back from the G7.

On Saturday June 25, the Head of State

confirmed Élisabeth Borne as Prime Minister

, and at the Château d'Elmau, he spoke with the press in particular to put

the bad patch he is going through

into perspective .

He believes that the periods of cohabitation were much more difficult.

He also showed his confidence in the ability of the executive to find

allies in the National Assembly


This is the mission he gave to Elisabeth Borne from Tuesday, June 28:

to sound out the political forces

on their intentions and to make proposals to him to form a new government.

Emmanuel Macron repeats that he is ready to compromise, but he remains inflexible on one point: he is the one who sets the course, he is the one who was re-elected President.

The head of state, however, remains weakened, and he is not the only one around the G7 table.

Like him, the Briton Boris Johnson and the German Olaf Scholz suffered

electoral setbacks

, while

the American Joe Biden is weakened in Washington

 : a G7 of giants with feet of clay.

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