In Smedjebacken municipality, in Dalarna, there is a holiday home at a price available to many, SEK 495,000.

Even at that price, it has become tougher to sell for the broker Malin Bergström.

- Say that there were about 20 families per view of holiday homes last year.

At this show, there are ten, says real estate agent Malin Bergström to SVT.

Prices up - the number of holiday homes sold down

The prices of holiday homes in the country have risen in price by 12 percent in the last 12 months up to and including May this year.

The number of holiday homes for sale decreased by 7 percent.

Almost a third fewer holiday homes were also sold in May compared with a year earlier.

The holiday home market runs across the market for villas and condominiums.

In the market for permanent housing, supply is increasing and prices are falling.

One reason is that the holiday home owner has the opportunity to partially parry cost increases.

It is about the possibility of renting out your holiday home.

Opportunity for income

- For a few years now, it has been tax-free to rent out up to SEK 50,000 per year.

This can be an attractive income that even covers the interest and maintenance costs, says Staffan Tell, spokesperson for the housing site Hemnet.

But in the end, it is probably one thing that determines the purchase of holiday homes for most people:

- It is probably the price, that it does not take away too much, so that we feel that we can pay it regardless of how the interest goes, says Magdalena Hansson who is a speculator at the holiday home in Smedjebacken.