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Germany, 7 major countries, the G7 summit is also being held.

Shortly before the meeting, Russia resumed missile strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kiiu.

This is reporter Kang Min-woo.


An apartment building in downtown Kiiu, Ukraine, has been severely damaged, and rescue work is in full swing.

The body is being recovered in a black bag.

[Vitaly Klitschko / Mayor of Kiiu, Ukraine: The building was destroyed, and people were found under the rubble of the building.] On the

25th and 26th local time, the Ukrainian capital Kiiu, as well as northern cities such as Chernivu and Sumi, and western Lviv Russian missiles flew in.

Ukrainian authorities say at least one person was killed and six others were injured in the attack, which destroyed a nine-story apartment building and a kindergarten building.

It has been three weeks since Russia launched a missile attack in the city of Kiiu, the capital, and analysts say it was aimed at the G7 summit of seven major countries being held in Germany.

US President Joe Biden denounced Russia's missile attacks as barbaric and stressed the unity of Western nations.

[Joe Biden/President of the United States: Putin (President of Russia) has expected a NATO or G7 split from the beginning, but we have not and will not.]

In the midst of this, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it has captured Severodonetsk, a strategically important location in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, and there is also a prospect that there may be additional armed pressure ahead of the NATO summit in three days.