French President Emmanuel Macron is sticking with Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne.

As the broadcaster France Info reported on Saturday evening, Macron commissioned Borne to clarify with the various factions in the National Assembly whether they were prepared to participate in the government, to express their confidence in the prime minister and to vote for the draft budget.

A government capable of acting should then be in place by the beginning of July.

As the Prime Minister announced on Twitter on Saturday evening, at Macron's request, she would consult the parliamentary groups next week to find out what level of cooperation they were willing to cooperate with.

At the end of next week, she will propose a roadmap and an effective government that is ready to face the challenges ahead.

Since Macron's center camp did not achieve an absolute majority in last Sunday's parliamentary elections, but only a simple majority, a government requires the support of other groups.

The largest opposition groups - the right-wing national Rassemblement National and the Left Party - have so far indicated little willingness to help Macron.

A rapprochement seems conceivable with the bourgeois-conservative Républicains.