It was in connection with a sobriety check at 13 o'clock on county road 506 outside Piteå that the police tried to stop the male driver.

However, he refused to stop and the patrol launched a pursuit.

The journey ended after a while and the man is arrested.

He is suspected of gross negligence in traffic and gross illegal driving because he lacks a license to drive.

Suspicion of drug driving

The police also draw up a report regarding drug driving when there was a suspicion of drug influence.

More criminal suspicions may arise.

After questioning, prosecutors will decide whether the man should be arrested or released.

Checks around the entire county

During the midsummer weekend, the police checked the traffic around Norrbotten.

Most have passed without a hitch, but several drivers have been fined for speeding.

There have also been some cases where drivers are now suspected of drunk driving and drug driving.