The former parliamentary group leader of the Left Party in the Bundestag, Sahra Wagenknecht, has sharply criticized the outcome of the Left Party Congress in Erfurt.

"After this party congress, there is little hope that the left can stop its decline," Wagenknecht told the German Press Agency on Sunday.

The two chairmen elected by the party congress, Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan, were both responsible for the election defeats.

"It is a mystery to me how a party that is currently at four percent wants to get back up with this list," commented Wagenknecht.

"The party congress has expressly decided to continue as it is, and it will probably continue in the next elections as in the last few years." Many members have the feeling: "Never change a losing team".

Wagenknecht left the consequences open.

She only announced: "We will agree on how we react to it.

One consideration is to first create an organized network on the basis of the “Call for a Popular Left” and to discuss the “what happens next” at a larger conference in autumn.”

Bartsch: Milieu debates harm us

The current parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch, on the other hand, called on his party to end the internal quarrels and to look more closely at arguments with other parties again.

"The political opponents must be in focus again, not the comrades," said Bartsch on Sunday at the party conference.

He called for "internal solidarity and external attacks".

"These milieu debates and current debates harm us," Bartsch continued. There must be an end to insults via social networks. "We are a left or not a left." He appealed to the delegates: "Let's develop our party together."

Overall, however, Bartsch drew a positive balance of the party congress, at which the delegates elected a new party executive.

The party congress opened a door.

"He couldn't do more." The delegates had achieved a lot.

"And we got it together."

“Die Linke” had elected a new party executive in Erfurt.

The two chairmen, Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan, form the new dual leadership.

After a series of electoral defeats and the sexism affair, in which Wissler also came under pressure, the party leadership decided to hold a new election.