The co-chairman of the Left Party in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch, hopes that the current party conference in Erfurt will bring about a new beginning.

In recent years, programmatic and organizational steps have not been tackled as necessary, Bartsch said on Saturday on Deutschlandfunk.

Then there was the bad result in the general election.

"That got us on the wrong track."

He hopes that the party congress will open the door to stabilization.

In view of the policy of the traffic light coalition, the Ukraine war and high inflation, the left is needed.

The party is particularly committed to people who are "now getting under the wheels," said Bartsch.

The signal from Erfurt must be: "The left is back."

The left wants to elect a new dual leadership this Saturday in Erfurt in order to get back on track after election defeats, arguments and allegations of sexism.

In the course of the sexual assault affair, the party leadership decided to re-elect the board early.

The incumbent party leader Janine Wissler, the MEP Martin Schirdewan and the members of the Bundestag Heidi Reichinnek and Sören Pellmann are considered promising candidates.

In addition, it is also about the attitude of the party to Russia and the Ukraine war.

In the leading motion of the party executive, Russia is accused of an "imperialist policy" because of the Ukraine war.

A group led by former faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht, who sees the West as partly to blame for the war, is demanding changes to the text.