As Russian troops are more likely to seize Severodonetsk in eastern Luhansk Oblast, where the Ukrainian side is based, the Ukrainian side is poised to turn to the offensive with weapons provided by the West.

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has strongly restrained the West, saying, "The EU = European Union and NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization have formed a modern coalition to wage war with Russia."

Four months after Russia began its military invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops continue to attack Ukraine-based Severodonetsk with the aim of gaining complete control of Luhansk, one of the two eastern states.

Governor Haidai of Luhansk Oblast told local media on the 24th, "Unfortunately, Ukrainian troops have to withdraw from Severodonetsk," and Russian troops are heading to neighboring Lysychans'k. I showed a sense of crisis.

On the 24th, the state-owned Russian news agency reported that a pro-Russian armed force had appointed a pro tempore in Severodonetsk, and the Russian side is unilaterally trying to take control of the administration. You can see that.

On the 23rd, the American think tank "War Research Institute" acknowledged the superiority of the Russian army in the offense and defense over Severodonetsk in Luhansk Oblast, but "Ukrainian army delays the invasion of the Russian army and hits the troops. We have achieved our goals. "

"Russian attacks are likely to stagnate in the coming weeks, giving Ukrainian troops a chance to counterattack. Losing Seberodnetsk is a loss for Ukraine, but the battle is Russia's decisive victory. It will not be possible, "he said, and said that he would continue to fight back and forth.

On the other hand, Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov revealed on the 23rd that the high-mobility rocket artillery system = Hymers, which has a long range and is capable of precise attacks, arrived from the United States, and is poised to turn to the offensive with the military support of Europe and the United States as a momentum. Shown.

Russian Foreign Minister “EU and NATO Form a Union to War with Russia”

In response to these movements, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov strongly restrained the West by saying on the 24th, "The EU and NATO are forming a modern coalition to wage war with Russia. We will look very carefully." , The conflict between Russia and the West, which accelerates military support, is deepening.

Russian President "Food crisis is the responsibility of the West"

On the 24th, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a speech online at an expanded meeting in which leaders from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc. participated in addition to the BRICS and five emerging countries.

In this, President Putin said that the sharp rise in prices of food and energy in each country "restricted the supply of fertilizer in Russia and Belarus and made it difficult to export Russian grains to the world market. "It has a serious impact on the development of Asia and Africa," he said.

On top of that, Russia has been criticized by various countries for blocking the port in southern Ukraine and not being able to export grain. I'm ready. I don't have enough constructive attitude from the Ukrainian side. "

President Putin also emphasized that the rise in global food prices is "this is not the result of Russia's special military operations. G7 = the result of irresponsible macroeconomic policies by the seven major countries." Claimed to be on the Western side.