Yaël Braun-Pivet has just taken a big step towards the perch.

The Minister of Overseas will be the majority candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly next Tuesday, after a joint vote on Wednesday by deputies LREM, MoDem and Horizons.

The former president of the law commission at the Palais-Bourbon, re-elected deputy for Yvelines on Sunday, is on track to succeed Richard Ferrand, who was defeated in the second round of the legislative elections.

It would be a first in France for a woman to become President of the Assembly.

Eric Woerth withdraws

Yaël Braun-Pivet won in a secret ballot against the outgoing president of the Economic Affairs Committee Roland Lescure, by 105 votes against 85, and two blank or null votes, during a second round.

In the first round, former ministers Barbara Pompili and Joël Giraud as well as Sophie Errante had been eliminated from the race.

Eric Woerth, ex-LR rallied to Emmanuel Macron, had finally given up trying, being a walker from the "second circle".

It is on June 28 that will be held in the hemicycle, from 3 p.m., the election for the presidency of the National Assembly by all the deputies, by secret ballot in the gallery.

Former LR Vice-President of the Assembly Annie Genevard has already indicated that she will also run for the perch.

If the absolute majority of the votes cast has not been obtained in the first two rounds of the ballot, the relative majority is sufficient in the third round, which should guarantee the election of Yaël Braun-Pivet, barring an accident.

The Macronists have indeed lost an absolute majority, holding 245 seats out of 577.

An application already in 2018

During her first mandate, Yaël Braun-Pivet, a 51-year-old lawyer by profession, gave a facelift to the Assembly's law commission and made allies, after a sluggish start, particularly during the Benalla case.

The deputy did not hide her ambitions, having presented herself in 2018 for the perch before withdrawing her candidacy against Richard Ferrand who, she had however said, "does not embody renewal".

Will she now be able to stay in government?

“If she wins the vote in the primary, we will ask her to resign so that she takes her risk”, slipped a government source earlier Wednesday.

The overseas territories for which she was responsible could welcome the news freshly.


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