The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, received today, Thursday, the head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Ismail Haniyeh and his accompanying delegation.

A statement issued by the party said that the two sides discussed threats in the region, and stressed the resistance's cooperation to serve Jerusalem, the sanctities and the Palestinian cause.

Media affiliated with the party and the movement stated that the meeting reviewed various political and field developments in Palestine, Lebanon and the region.

The Palestinian Media Center said that the meeting confirmed "Lebanon's right to extract gas from its maritime borders, and to stop the Israeli hand from piracy and theft of resources."

Haniyeh arrived in Beirut last Tuesday at the head of a leading delegation from the movement, on a visit during which he will meet with Lebanese officials and leaders.

The Center quoted the movement’s head of national relations, Ali Baraka, that on the agenda of Haniyeh’s visit, the three presidents to Lebanon (the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the Speaker of Parliament), the leadership of Hezbollah, and some Lebanese parties, will also meet with the leaders of the factions and the leaders of the Palestinian national and popular action. .

Haniyeh will deliver the Palestinian resistance's speech before the "Islamic National Conference" in its 31st session, held in Beirut.