“I believe (Russian President Vladimir. -


) Putin was forced to launch a special military operation.

And you need to think about it coolly in order to protect the interests of your state.

Now the general trend is that the encroachment by force on the sovereignty of a state or its territory is a violation of international law.

Even the UN adopted such a resolution.

I believe that there was a reason, ”RIA Novosti quotes him.

The MP stressed that Ukraine violated its promises, which it signed a few years ago.

“Why did Putin go for it?

In 2014, the Minsk-1 process was launched.

Minsk-2 took place in 2015.

Whose side did not comply with these agreements?

Here, I think, the responsibility of Ukraine is heavy,” he concluded.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at SPIEF, said that hostilities are always a tragedy, they became a forced measure on the part of Russia, which launched an operation to protect Donbass.

In a conversation with UN Secretary General António Guterres in April, Vladimir Putin recalled that the whole problem around Ukraine arose after the coup d'état that took place in Kyiv in 2014.