Excavate job resources and provide practical guidance services——

Graduates received these employment "gift packages" (University Graduate Employment Observation)

  At present, college graduates across the country are entering a critical stage of employment.

The education department will further explore job resources, provide practical and detailed employment guidance services, continuously expand market-oriented and socialized employment channels, and support and help college graduates take the first step towards society.

please come in, go out

Organize recruitment activities

  Recently, a campus job fair was held at the Guangdong campus of Shenzhen University. 120 companies including ZTE, SF Express, and DJI brought more than 4,000 jobs to school graduates and attracted more than 1,800 students to submit their resumes.

  This year, the number of college graduates in Shenzhen has reached 37,000, of which there are more than 10,000 in Shenzhen University alone, creating a record high, and graduates are facing many pressures for employment.

To this end, Shenzhen University has recently launched a series of activities such as school-enterprise linkage promotion to promote employment, making every effort to escort the employment of graduates.

  Mao Junfa, President of Shenzhen University, said that solving the employment problem of graduates requires two steps: school leaders and teachers should strive to open up employment space and opportunities for graduates; students should strive to improve their professional skills and constantly adjust themselves in the process of job hunting.

  "Participating in recruitment, especially campus recruitment activities, is the main channel for graduates to apply for employment." Liu Peijun, deputy director and first-level inspector of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, said that the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism recently issued a notice to optimize and adjust The "Campus Recruitment Epidemic Prevention and Control Support Policy" encourages cooperation between supply and demand. Universities must accurately formulate epidemic prevention and control plans for campus recruitment activities in accordance with the requirements of local epidemic prevention and control policies, and actively invite qualified employers to conduct special recruitment activities on campus; To strengthen communication with colleges and universities, actively participate in campus recruitment activities as required.

  In the past few days, many places have held offline recruitment activities for college graduates on the premise of implementing epidemic prevention and control measures.

Zhejiang held two special job fairs for state-owned enterprises, with hundreds of companies participating and offering more than 2,200 positions; Chengdu held a large-scale public welfare job fair for college graduates named "One Hundred-Day Ten Thousand Enterprises", with nearly 1,000 employers posting nearly 30,000 jobs. 76% of the jobs are for graduates with a college degree or above.

  "The education system and colleges and universities must create conditions and do everything possible to 'invite' employers." Wu Aihua, deputy director of the Department of College Students of the Ministry of Education, said that the Ministry of Education proposed the "10,000 Enterprises Entering Campus Plan", and at the same time cooperated with the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce to carry out "private enterprises". Colleges and Universities join hands to promote employment”, colleges and universities provide convenience for employers to enter the school for recruitment, and hold well-targeted offline dual-selection fairs, job fairs and matchmaking meetings.

  Wu Aihua introduced that in addition to "come in", the Ministry of Education has also deployed colleges and universities across the country to actively "go out", launched a special campaign for college secretaries and principals to "visit enterprises to expand jobs and promote employment", and actively invited qualified employers to enter the school for special recruitment activities. .

At present, 2,255 colleges and universities have visited 77,000 units, expanding more than 1.41 million positions and 566,000 internship positions.

Go to the grassroots, enter the small and micro

Broaden employment channels

  During this time, Xiao Ting, a graduate of Sichuan Normal University, has been preparing for the recruitment examination of Sichuan Province's "Three Supports and One Support" plan.

"I am a student majoring in normal school. I went to Aba for teaching practice when I was studying. The experience of getting along with the children is very happy and it is very exercise. I hope to have the opportunity to continue to shine in the teaching position."

  It is understood that more than 1,500 people have been recruited for the "three branches and one support" in Sichuan Province this year.

From a national perspective, in 2022, the "three branches and one support" plan will recruit 34,000 college graduates, mainly for fresh college graduates in 2022 and graduates who have left school and have not been employed in the past two years.

  The grass-roots level is an important direction to guide graduates' employment.

Wu Aihua said that in May of this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates and Other Youth". For the first time, it was proposed that there are vacancies in community full-time jobs, and priority should be given to recruiting or a certain number of specialized colleges and universities should be recruited. Graduates, college graduates who go to work in the central and western regions, hard and remote areas, and grass-roots institutions below the county level will be offered tuition compensation and national student loan compensation.

  In order to promote the employment of college graduates, all localities are actively expanding the scale of grassroots employment projects for college graduates.

In the annual recruitment of civil servants in Shanghai, district-level organs are required to actively recruit outstanding college graduates, and grass-roots units in townships (streets) and political and legal organs mainly recruit fresh college graduates; Chongqing develops grass-roots labor and social security, community services, medical and health care More than 80,000 new policy positions have been created, expanding the employment space for graduates at the grassroots level.

  Wu Aihua said that in the process of job expansion, small, medium and micro enterprises are also an important channel for graduates to find employment. The "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates and Other Youth" proposes to support small, medium and micro enterprises to attract more graduates for employment. , to provide one-time employment subsidies, social insurance subsidies, tax reductions and other support policies, while supporting graduates to start their own businesses, providing start-up guaranteed loans, interest discounts, and tax reductions.

In addition, social security subsidies will be given to graduates who have flexible employment in the graduation year.

Improve the process, keep the line

Provide employment services

  At the end of June, graduates from colleges and universities in various places left school one after another, which is also a critical period and a sprint period for employment.

Wu Aihua said that at present, the Ministry of Education is arranging colleges and universities across the country to carry out "100-day sprint" activities for employment work, taking a series of recruitment, visiting companies to expand jobs, thousands of companies entering the school, employment guidance and precise assistance measures to help those who have not yet been employed. Graduates are provided with targeted employment services.

  At the same time, the Ministry of Education is working with relevant departments to speed up the recruitment process for entrance examinations, teacher recruitment, grassroots projects, and scientific research assistants.

Complete the recruitment of policy positions such as institutions and institutions as soon as possible, and help graduates find employment as soon as possible through comprehensive measures.

  Liu Xulong, a chemistry major from the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology, failed the postgraduate entrance examination this year. Due to the epidemic and other reasons, his job search was not smooth.

Originally discouraged, he participated in the "online job training camp" organized by the school.

  "The tutor provided guidance on resumes, interviews and other links, allowing me to find out the problems in the employment process." Liu Xulong said that under the teacher's targeted guidance, he regained his confidence and quickly got a job offer from his favorite company. Admission notice.

  Wu Aihua said that for students who have not yet determined their graduation destination, they should give full play to the roles of employment staff and graduating class counselors, pay close attention to their job-seeking intentions and employment progress, and provide them with accurate job recommendations, employment services and psychological counseling.

  At the same time, regardless of whether the graduates have left the school or not, the employment service of the education system still adheres to the "continuous line", relying on the "National 24365 College Student Employment Service Platform" to continue to provide targeted guidance and consultation for graduates, and assist in handling Various employment procedures.

  Wu Aihua said, "National 24365 College Student Employment Service Platform" provides a full range of employment guidance resources and job resources.

At present, the platform is interconnected with social recruitment service agencies and employment platforms of various colleges and universities, and resources are shared, and a total of 10.36 million job resources have been collected.

According to statistics, 31% of the 2022 graduates have achieved employment through the platform.

  Our reporter Liu Yao