The Avalanche, who are hoping for a third coronation after those of 1996 and 2001, only lead 2-1 in this best-of-seven series.

Humiliated 7-0 on Saturday and led 2-0 after two games, the Lightning reacted well at home in Florida to maintain the suspense and the hope of safeguarding their crown.

"We knew that coming home we would play well in front of our fans and it was a great comeback tonight. It's very difficult to play in Colorado but we can do it at home too," reacted the captain. of Tampa BaySteven Stamkos.

The next game in the final is scheduled for Wednesday, again on the Tampa Bay rink.


Stanley Cup

Tampa Bay Lightning-Colorado Avalanche: 6-2

Colorado leads two wins to one

Already played:

Colorado - Tampa Bay: 4-3 (after overtime)

Colorado-Tampa Bay: 7-0


Game N.4, Wednesday June 22: Tampa Bay - Colorado

Match N.5 (IF NECESSARY), Friday June 24: Colorado - Tampa Bay

Match N.6 (IF NECESSARY), Sunday June 26: Tampa Bay - Colorado

Match N.7 (IF NECESSARY), Tuesday, June 28: Colorado - Tampa Bay

NB: First team to four wins wins Stanley Cup

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