• Five Nupes candidates were elected deputies in Loire-Atlantique, historically on the left.

  • The presidential party, which had won everything five years ago, retains five seats.

After the grand slam achieved by the presidential party in 2017, the left is regaining ground in Loire-Atlantique, which had eight PS deputies in 2012. On Sunday, after the duels in the second round of the legislative elections, the Nupes coalition left in the lead in half of the ten constituencies.

The presidential party, the majority of whose candidates were in unfavorable ballots at the end of the first round, therefore retains five seats.

“We are rebalancing the forces, welcomed the rebellious Ségolène Amiot, who tipped the 3rd constituency (Nantes-Saint-Herblain), former stronghold of Jean-Marc Ayrault, to the left, beating the outgoing Anne-France Brunet.

People don't want an overpowered macronie anymore.


La Nupes is particularly successful in three of the five Nantes constituencies.

In the 2nd, Nantes-centre, Andy Kerbrat who had come close to 50% last Sunday confirms his good lead against the walker from the first hour Valérie Oppelt.

In the 4th, Julie Laernoës (58%) largely beats Aude Amadou.

“We have created tremendous hope, rejoiced the Nantes municipal and metropolitan elected official EELV, who announced that she would leave her mandates.

We are going to continue this work together, we cannot make it fail now, neither in the National Assembly nor locally.


Elsewhere in the department, the ecologist Jean-Claude Raux (6th) arrives victorious in a territory however rather marked on the right.

The rebellious Matthias Tavel (8th), he totals 54.4% of the vote.

“This victory is the symbol of the defeat of the president”, launched from Saint-Nazaire this former deputy director of cabinet of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, 34, from Le Mans.

No socialist deputy

In bad shape, Together!

therefore limits the damage all the same, and in particular in the first district (Nantes-Orvault).

This is perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening: the walker Mounir Belhamiti, taking advantage of the good score of the right-wing candidate in the first round, reversed the trend by obtaining 52% of the votes against the only socialist candidate in the department, Karim Benbrahim, who was still in the lead.

“We have demonstrated that we were able to unite on a clear project”, estimates the one who therefore takes over from François de Rugy after having been his deputy.

In advance at the end of the first round, the former Secretary of State for Youth Sarah El Haïry (5th) and Sophie Errante (10th) both regain their seats as MPs.

Despite separate legal cases, Sandrine Josso in La Baule-Guérande and Yannick Haury, in the Pays-de-Retz, managed to get back in front of their opponents from Nupes, in particular thanks to the reserves of votes of dissident candidates, and will find the benches of The national assembly.

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Legislative results 2022: In Loire-Atlantique, the former Secretary of State Sarah El Haïry (Modem) wins


Legislative results 2022: The former stronghold of Jean-Marc Ayrault returns to the left

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