The number of people who passed the recruitment examination for the national civil servant "general employment", which is the so-called "career bureaucrat", this spring was about 1,900, of which more than 570 were women, the highest number ever.

The percentage of people from the University of Tokyo was about 12%, a new record low.

The National Personnel Authority has announced that the so-called "career bureaucrats" of national civil servants "general employment" have passed the recruitment exam this spring.

According to this, the number of successful applicants was 1873, while the number of applicants was 15,330, and the ratio was 8.2 times.

Of these, the number of successful females was 573, the highest ever, and the ratio was 30.6%, the same as last year, the second highest ever.

In addition, 75 people have passed the "digital job" that was established for the first time to secure human resources with specialized knowledge such as information systems.

On the other hand, by university of origin, the largest number was

▽ University of Tokyo with 217 students,

followed by

▽ Kyoto University with 130 students

▽ Hokkaido University with 111 students


The number of successful applicants from the University of Tokyo was 11.6%, which was a new record low in terms of number and percentage.

Successful applicants will be hired after interviews with each ministry and agency starting this week.