It was on Friday that the woman was called by a man who told her that she had been the victim of a burglary and that a police officer would come to her home to help.

A moment later, a fake policeman came to the elderly woman's home.

When the fake police left the home, the woman discovered that she was missing jewelry and her bank card.

No one suspected of the crime

A police patrol went to the woman's home and conducted interrogations and a crime scene investigation.

The police classify the incident as fraud and pretense of public status.

There is currently no suspect in the crime and the police currently have no estimated value for the items stolen.

The police encourage everyone who receives this type of call to take identification from the police so that you can be sure that they are police officers.

If people claim to be police officers, you can also call 114 14 to check their identities, the police write on their website.