A Sikh facility in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, was attacked by armed groups, killing two and injuring seven.

The Ministry of Interior, a subsidiary of the Islamist Taliban, is investigating the details.

A Sikh facility in Kabul, Afghanistan, was attacked by armed groups on the morning of the 18th, resulting in a shooting battle with the Taliban security forces on alert.

Many Sikhs gathered at the facility to pray in the morning, killing one Sikh and one of the Taliban's security forces and injuring seven.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry told the scene, "The grenade was thrown first. After that, we tried to explode the explosives in the car, but we stopped it," explained the situation at the time.

The Ministry of Interior is investigating the detailed situation, as no criminal statement has been issued so far.

In Kabul, a Sikh facility was attacked by the militant group IS = Islamic State in March, killing 25 people.