In the United States, a primary election to select candidates for the fall midterm elections will take place in southern South Carolina, where former President Trump-backed candidates will win an incumbent critical of Mr. Trump. It's definitely.

However, in another constituency, the candidates who support it are expected to be defeated, and there is a lot of interest in how influential they are.

In the United States, primaries are being held in each state to select candidates, such as the federal parliamentary elections, for the fall midterm elections.

Primary elections were held in four states on the 14th, and according to AP news agency, in the election to select candidates for the Republican House of Representatives in South Carolina, the so-called "thug" candidate supported by former President Trump was selected. It is certain that he will win the incumbent who is critical of Mr. Trump.

Also in western Nevada, Trump-backed candidates ensured victory in the primaries to select senator candidates.

However, in another South Carolina constituency, candidates for Mr. Trump are expected to lose their incumbent.

This primary election was attracting attention as an opportunity to measure Mr. Trump's influence, as candidates supported by Mr. Trump will challenge his incumbent.

According to an analysis of the results of the close-knit primary elections by the American news site Axios, the candidates supported by Mr. Trump had 22-8 losses by the 13th, while Mr. Trump supported them. He also points out that "Mr. Trump's dominance within the Republican Party has been shaken for the first time in a few years," as some constituencies have lost by a large margin.