Schools obliged them not to turn off the “microphone”

Opening the cameras is a condition for taking the exams for “distance education” students

A specialized team to identify any technical problems that distance education students may face.

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Private schools in the northern emirates obliged students who will take the end-of-year exams "remotely", to open the camera as a prerequisite for recording the student's attendance, otherwise he will be considered absent from the exam. The exam, not paying attention to anyone and not talking to others, not turning off the microphone of the phone or laptop and not getting out in front of the camera during the exam, and communicating directly with the specialized team in the event of any technical problems, and mandatory wearing school uniforms for students remotely.

School administrations indicated that students who have an exemption from attending classes are allowed to take the exams “remotely” according to the controls and conditions that have been determined and sent to students and their families via “WhatsApp” groups and e-mail.

She added that all students of "distance education must open the cameras before the start of the exams so that the observers can identify them, with the obligation to open the cameras throughout the period of remote examinations, and in the event that the camera is not opened or closed without reasons, the student will be considered absent from the exam." ».

She indicated that it is forbidden for any student to photograph the exam screen or send it to anyone, whether by phone or through a “laptop”, and it is also forbidden to pay attention to any person or talk to others at home, in addition to the fact that it is forbidden to close the mic, whether it is Taking the exam over the phone or through any smart or electronic device.

She added that it is forbidden for students of distance education to go out in front of the camera during the exam period, or to put something that prevents the observer from seeing him during the exam, stressing the need for students to wear the school uniform throughout the period of remote exams.

She stated that the school administrations provided a specialized team of observers and technicians to identify any technical problems that distance education students may face during the examination period, and any student who faces any obstacles or technical defects in the electronic system for examinations will be immediately communicated in order to solve them as soon as possible with the possibility of extending Exam time for any student who suffers from an electronic or technical defect in order to compensate for the missed time and give him the sufficient and necessary opportunity to answer the questions.

She explained that the exam time is estimated at two hours and 30 minutes, and that the electronic system allows the student to review all questions during the exam time and make sure of his correct answer, but if the student finishes the exam and presses the “End” or “Send” button, he will not be allowed to return to the exam, so all students must Do not press the submit button before making sure to write his name and read and review all the answers to ensure that the examination process runs clearly and without any obstacles.

She added that all the questions will be from the syllabus and some of them will be to measure students' skills in scientific subjects, noting that the school stage supervisors have sent worksheets to students that include reviewing classes, in order to practice them, raise their academic level and prepare well for exams.

The electronic system allows the student to review the questions and ensure his correct answer.

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