The candidate Maryse Combres (Nupes) qualified in the second round of the legislative elections in the first constituency of Lot-et-Garonne, in third position, announced in a press release that she was withdrawing her candidacy.

She had won 26.21% of the vote behind the RN candidate Sébastien Delbosq (27.87%), while Michel Lauzzana (Together!) came out on top with a short lead (29.64%).

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The dangerous presence of the RN

While she is pleased with the dynamism of her campaign, she believes that "these results must be looked at with lucidity: the configuration of this first triangular round, with the dangerous presence of a candidate from the far right, does not allow us to calmly maintain a candidacy of the new popular ecological and social union in the second round ”.

In the second constituency of Lot-et-Garonne, the candidate of the presidential majority, who came third, was invited by the party to withdraw in favor of the candidate Nupes but he wished to maintain his candidacy despite this instruction.


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