It has been decided that the House of Councilors election will be announced on the 22nd of this month and will be voted on the 10th of next month.

This election will be contested for 125 seats, including 74 seats in the constituency excluding non-elected seats, one non-elected seat vacant in Kanagawa, and 50 proportional representation seats.

It is expected that each party will enter into a de facto election contest, and the debate will be held on issues such as economic measures, diplomacy / security, and social security policies.

We have summarized in detail the mechanism of the election and the acceptance of each party in the election contest.

■ Upper House Election June 22nd Announcement July 10th Voting

Following the closing of the ordinary Diet session, the government decided to hold an extraordinary cabinet meeting on the afternoon of the 15th, and to hold an election for the House of Councilors on the schedule of public announcement on June 22nd and voting on July 10th.

So far, a total of 527 constituencies and proportional representations are scheduled to run for the Upper House election.

The polling date for the Upper House election will be decided by an extraordinary cabinet meeting announced on July 10 and June 22.

■ What is the upper house election system?

The term of office of members of the House of Councilors is six years, and half are re-elected every three years.

The capacity of the entire House of Councilors will increase by 3 from this election to 148 constituencies and 100 proportional representations, for a total of 248.

Conflict over a total of 125 seats

In this election, there will be a total of 125 seats, including 124 seats, which is half of this, and one non-elected seat, which is vacant in Kanagawa.

<Electoral district> Fight for 45 constituencies and 75 seats

According to NHK's summary, a total of 363 people are scheduled to run for 75 constituencies in 45 constituencies nationwide.

In principle, the constituencies are set up in units of prefectures, but in order to correct the one-vote disparity, Tottori and Shimane, and Tokushima and Kochi are each one constituency from the elections two years ago and six years ago. Will be held, competing for 75 seats in 45 constituencies.

Of these, there are 32 so-called "one-person districts" with a capacity of 1 that is said to influence the whereabouts of the entire election contest.

<Proportional representation> Compete for 50 seats

On the other hand, a total of 164 people are scheduled to run for proportional representation with a capacity of 50.

Unlike the constituencies, proportional representation is held on a national basis, and votes are given by writing the individual name of the candidate or the name of a political party or political organization.

The total number of votes of the political party name and individual name is the number of votes obtained by each party, and 50 seats are allocated according to the number of votes obtained by a calculation method called "D'Hondt formula".

In principle, which candidate will be elected from the seats won by each party will be decided in descending order of the number of votes for individual names, but the winners will be preferentially decided according to the order decided in advance by the political parties from the previous election. Can now be provided.

■ Reaction of each party

It is the reaction of each party after the ordinary Diet session is closed and the upper house election schedule is decided.

Prime Minister Kishida "We are the only ones who can make decisions and execute politics."

At the party's election campaign headquarters meeting, Prime Minister Kishida said, "I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support during the 150-day session. We need political stability to protect and open up the future, and I want to argue that we are the only ones who can make decisions and execute politics.

Representative Izumi Ritsumin "I want to strengthen my appeal all over the country with an attitude of fighting high prices."

Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said at the party's general assembly of both Houses of Representatives, "The Kishida administration has not done anything to the crisis situation of the Japanese economy and people's lives. I want to strengthen it. It is the Constitutional Democratic Party that speaks for and spreads the voices of the people suffering from high prices and pensioners. "

Komeito Yamaguchi "I want to do my best with the determination to cut off and protect the people's lives"

Komeito's representative Yamaguchi said at the party's House of Councilors general meeting, "We were able to pass all the bills submitted by the government in addition to this year's supplementary budget in response to rising prices, and we were able to produce great results. I am determined to do my best to win the Upper House election. "

Ishin Baba Co-Representative "Supporting the Child-rearing Generation by Accumulating Administrative and Financial Reforms"

At a press conference, Baba, the co-representative of the Nippon Ishin no Kai, said, "We did not see the Kishida Cabinet deciding and implementing policies for the important issues that are piled up at home and abroad. I would like to appeal for generous support for generations. "

Democratic Party for the People Tamaki "I want to ask for understanding from" Solution from confrontation "and" Reform middle road ""

The Democratic Party for the People's Democratic Party, Tamaki, told reporters, "We made every effort to realize important policies such as lowering gasoline prices in favor of the government's budget. I would like to develop a movement to seek understanding of the position of the party. "

Communist Shii Chairman "Proposing a drastic confrontation against the wrong backflow"

The Communist Party chairman, Kazuo Shii, told reporters, "The Kishida administration has made a striking reversal of creating a war-torn country and taking no action against rising prices. I would like to raise the issue and bring it to fruition in the House of Councilors election. "

Reiwa Shinsengumi "I want to expand my power and create a sense of tension in politics."

At a press conference, Reiwa Shinsengumi representative Yamamoto said, "It was a parliament where I couldn't feel the courage at all, and even the ripples did not rise. I want to make it. "

Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima "I want to appeal to prevent the revision of Article 9 of the Constitution"

At the general assembly of both Houses of the Social Democratic Party, the leader of the Social Democratic Party said, "It was a parliament that was on the road to destruction of life and war. I want to. "

Leader of N Party Tachibana "The most pledge is to exempt pensioners from receiving fees"

NHK leader Tachibana said, "It is very disappointing that the revised broadcasting law, which is very favorable to NHK, has been enacted. ..