China News Service, Shenzhen, June 14th (Zhu Zuying) The Luohu Service Center of Hong Kong business professionals and youth groups was established in Shenzhen on the 14th.

At the scene, the "Luohu Hong Kong Residents All-in-One-Guide to Facilitating Hong Kong Residents' Development Services in Luohu" (referred to as the "Guide") was released, and the "Greater Bay Area Workplace Mentorship Program" was launched.

  According to reports, the service center is the first Hong Kong business professional and youth group service center in China. It will provide Hong Kong groups and their member companies with shared office space, one-stop policy consultation, full-chain entrepreneurship and employment, multi-field legal value-added, Diversified investment promotion and other services.

  Under the guidance of Shenzhen Overseas Friendship Association, the service center is jointly sponsored by Luohu Overseas Friendship Association and Luohu District Enterprise Service Center. , the Hong Kong Federation of Youth, the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Association, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Hong Kong Internet Professional Association and other 10 Hong Kong business professionals and youth groups.

The picture shows the Lo Wu Service Centre, a professional and youth organization in Hong Kong.

Photo by Zhu Zuying

  Lin Longan, chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Importers and Exporters Association, said that the service center provides a relaxed office environment and investment negotiation atmosphere.

As the first Hong Kong group to settle in, it will focus on the concerns of Hong Kong enterprises and the needs of Hong Kong youth, helping more Hong Kong people integrate into national development and share the new opportunities of the times.

  Li Gan, deputy director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Luohu District, said that there are 14 "Guidelines" released on the spot, focusing on Hong Kong youths to study, start a business, employment, life and other fields in Luohu, and provide practical and operable guidance.

  Li Gan introduced that Shenzhen Luohu has gathered more than 30,000 Hong Kong people and more than 6,000 Hong Kong enterprises to live and develop here.

The "Guide" summarizes the relevant policies. By scanning the QR code provided in the "Guide", you can learn about the policy details and apply.

In the future, Luohu will further strive for the implementation of more measures to facilitate the development of Hong Kong residents, and update the relevant content of the "Guide" in due course.

  In addition, the "Greater Bay Area Workplace Mentorship Program" will recruit a group of Hong Kong people with Mainland workplace experience, a strong sense of social responsibility and dedication as workplace mentors to provide guidance to Hong Kong youth who are interested in finding jobs and starting businesses in the Greater Bay Area.