A 46-year-old man was indicted for aggravated intentional homicide and placed in pre-trial detention after confessing to the murder of his 34-year-old companion, found lacerated with around thirty stab wounds, the Blois prosecution said on Tuesday.

The facts occurred on Sunday, around 5 p.m., in the couple's house in Blois.

“A dispute broke out between a woman and her partner, in the presence of their seven-year-old daughter,” said the public prosecutor of Blois, Frédéric Chevallier, in a press release.

Upon their arrival, the police discovered "the lifeless body of a bloodied woman in the main room of the house and her partner, on the stairs of the house, who immediately admitted to being the author of the facts" , the statement said.

The autopsy revealed "the presence of around thirty stab wounds, located on the neck, trunk and lower limbs".

"Five of these wounds were penetrating, crossing the wall and injuring organs, three of these wounds were at the level of the neck, at the origin of a laryngeal wound and two vascular wounds", the latter having caused death.

The couple “quarreled quite regularly”

According to the explanations provided by the suspect, who works in the interim, the couple, formed ten years ago, "quarreled quite regularly".

The man felt “submissive” to his partner who “directed” their life.

The disputes had not given rise to any police procedure.

The respondent said he acted "out of impulse", "under the influence of anger", and had also consumed alcohol.

On the day of the events, they had argued and his concubine had reproached him "for not taking care of their daughter", asking him "to leave their accommodation".

After looking in vain for his keys, the man, under treatment for depression, had seized "a first knife, then a second to strike his companion, while their daughter was present", adds the prosecutor of Blois.

Questioned by the investigators, the child confirmed the argument and the beatings by his father.

The paternal grandfather, also a witness to the facts, told the investigators that he "could not do anything other than shelter his granddaughter and call for help".

The defendant faces life imprisonment.


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