• The National Rally continues its breakthrough in Loire-Atlantique by placing itself in third position in seven constituencies, such as those of Saint-Nazaire (8th) or Châteaubriant (6th).

  • If they are however far behind the leading pair, Nupes and LREM, the scores of the RN are synonymous with a heavy defeat for the Republicans, who had nevertheless qualified five candidates in the second round of the legislative elections of 2017.

In Loire-Atlantique, a department historically on the left, the National Rally continues its breakthrough, but it will nevertheless not be present in any of the ten constituencies, next Sunday, for the second round.

The far-right party is ahead of Les Républicains in seven territories.

A huge disappointment for the latter who, as a reminder, were present in the second round in five constituencies during these same legislative elections five years ago.

Symbol of this decline, Charlotte Luquiau, a local figure on whom Les Républicains bet a lot in the 10th constituency (Vertou-Clisson), only finished in 3rd position (15.4%), with a very slight lead over the National Rally (2,300 votes only ahead of Geneviève Bannwarth).

The RN confirms the good figures for the presidential elections

Despite the competition from the candidates of Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!), the RN thus confirms the good figures for the presidential elections almost everywhere in the department.

Finally, in line with Marine Le Pen who was ranked 3rd in the 1st round in April in the ten constituencies, with between 20 and 25% of the votes in four sectors (Châteaubriant-Ancenis, La Baule-Guérande, Saint-Nazaire and Pays -de-Retz).

Of the first three, the RN is still in 3rd position and ahead of LR.

For example, in the 6th (Châteaubriant-Ancenis), Teddy Bougot (RN) is ahead with more than 17% of the votes François Guyot (LR) at 9.5%.

"It's a satisfactory result and I'm happy with it because the RN is 7 points more than in 2017 [Brigitte Nédélec with 10%], rejoiced Teddy Bougot at the microphone of Télénantes.

We have almost doubled.


No "small local burst" for LR

In the 3rd constituency (Nantes-Saint-Herblain), stronghold of Jean-Marc Ayrault, Sophie Van Goethem (LR) finished 4th (5.69% of the vote) far from Véronique Jarry (RN) nearly 10.18% of the vote .

“I am disappointed because I thought there would be a small local burst …”, confessed always on the set of Télénantes Sophie Van Goethem.

In the first two constituencies (Nantes-Orvault and Nantes center), LR is ultimately not doing too badly.

In the 2nd, largely won by the Insoumis Andy Kerbrat, Foulques Chombart de Lauwe (LR) is almost more than double that of Nicolas Gasnier, candidate RN (9.35% against 4.99%).

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