June 8, 2022

General Secretary Xi Jinping arrives

Yongfeng Village, Taihe Town, Dongpo District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province

The focus of the inspection is "one field, one pool, one station"

"Yi Tian" is an experimental field

The area of ​​high-standard farmland in Yongfeng area is 3,100 mu

It is the highest degree of standardization in Sichuan

One of the high-standard farmland demonstration models

This area is the first in the province to realize rice

"Cultivation, sowing, sowing, harvesting" full-process mechanized production

General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to food security

He repeatedly emphasized

"Everything is easy, eating is the biggest"

"Farmland is farmland, and farmland must be fertile land"

"Ensure that 1.8 billion mu of arable land deserves its name"

"One Pool" is a domestic sewage treatment pool

Domestic sewage from villagers' homes is treated

Finally, it becomes clear water that can be discharged into the lotus pond

The Central No. 1 document in 2021 and 2022 both emphasized

"Implementing the five-year action to improve the rural living environment"

Let the farmers not only make money

And the home is getting more and more beautiful and life is getting better and better

"Tianfu Granary" can be stable

"One stop" is the village health station

The general secretary has repeatedly emphasized

To "promote the construction of county medical community"

Construction of a national close county-level medical community

is a major institutional innovation

This is also the direction of the village health station's future efforts.

Come to "One Village" to see "One Field, One Pond, One Station"

The "Tianfu Granary" in the new era is taking a new look

take heavy responsibility

Welcome to the heavy harvest

Producer丨Shen Yong Gong Xuehui

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