Former Secretary General Koga, the former chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Kishida faction, pointed out that the state of the country, including security policy, is being questioned in response to the situation in Ukraine, and expressed his expectations for the leadership of Prime Minister Kishida. I did.

Former Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party Koga was in Tokyo on the morning of the 10th, with 11 middle-ranking and young members of the Kishida faction, including former Minister for Vaccination Horiuchi, before the death of former Prime Minister Ohira, who led the faction that is the origin of the Kishida faction. I visited Mr. Ohira's grave in Tama Cemetery in Fuchu City.

Mr. Koga said, "What do you think about the reality of Ukraine today? I asked in front of the grave for peace to come soon, and I hope that the Kishida administration will meet the expectations of the people." Did.

After this, Mr. Koga told reporters, "This is the biggest unprecedented crisis after the war. In particular, security is being discussed very sharply, and what kind of country we are aiming for for the next generation, Prime Minister Kishida. I want the Minister to do his best, "he said, expressing his expectations for the leadership of Prime Minister Kishida.