China News Service, June 10. According to the Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Hong Kong Customs and the airport security company cooperated for the first time and successfully bred 8 Labrador dogs in the local area. After training, they will be assigned to customs and airport security on duty.

The 8 puppies are also named in an ingenious way, which can be combined to form "DEFEND HK", which means protecting Hong Kong.

  Hong Kong Customs said on the 9th that local breeding can reduce costs and ensure quality. It will continue to cooperate with different departments to breed search dogs to enhance the professionalism of Hong Kong's working dog law enforcement.

The newly bred puppies of 5 males and 3 females were born in early February and are expected to complete training and participate in duty in March next year.

The 8 puppies are named Dolly, Elly, Faddy, Eagle, Nico, Dolby, Hunter and Kilo. The first English letters of their names are combined into "DEFEND HK", which means protecting Hong Kong.

  Huang Xixin, Superintendent of the Search Dog Division of the Customs, said that since 2016, Customs has cooperated with the Correctional Services Department, the Police Force and the Fire Services Department to breed working dogs. So far, there are 71 teams of search dogs to search for explosives and banknotes at airports and border control points. , drugs, bullets, and tobacco. The customs will train 6 puppies for customs clearance of goods and passengers. They will sniff out different items depending on operational needs, mainly drugs. In the future, the number of explosive dogs will be increased.

  Huang Xixin continued to point out that in the past, the purchase of dogs from overseas was expensive, and the physique may not meet the local requirements.

The customs and the airport security company signed a cooperation framework in July last year to jointly breed dogs and share training facilities. This time, Labrador Retrievers were selected for the breeding plan because of their docile personality, sensitive smell and high obedience.

  Guo Meisen, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of the First Operations Department of the Airport Security Company, said that at present, the airport security has 10 search dog teams, which are mainly equipped with the ability to sniff out explosives and bullets to ensure the security of the airport.

The 8 puppies bred this time, the mother is the customs anti-drug dog Rosie, and the father is the airport security operation dog Hugo. The puppies were born in February and have completed the 3-month lactation period. They are now receiving game training to stimulate sensory recognition. It is known that at the age of 9 months, he will receive 10 to 12 weeks of training in sniffing drugs and explosives. After completing the training, 6 will be assigned to customs duty, and 2 will only be assigned to airport security duty.