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Do you want to invest in an electric pizza oven to prepare tasty homemade pizzas?

Here is a comparison between Cosylife and Tristar to determine which is the best pizza appliance at ELECTRO DEPOT.

Cosylife vs Tristar: comparison of the power of the 2 devices

The power of the pizza maker is one of the most important criteria to consider.

It does not need to be as high as for a professional pizza oven, intended for daily use for several hours.

Nevertheless, the electric pizza oven must have a sufficiently high power to be able to rise to high temperatures.

To make pizzas similar to those of your pizza maker, it is advisable to choose an appliance with a power of at least 1,000 watts.

The Tristar Pizza Festa pizza maker offers 900 watts of power.

A little lower than the recommendations, it nevertheless allows you to cook mini pizzas, as provided for in the device.

On the side of the Cosylife CL-PZM03 pizza appliance, the power is doubled and thus reaches 1,800 watts.

It is therefore ideal for cooking your pizzas quickly, at a temperature of up to 210°C.

Cosylife vs Tristar: comparison of the features of the 2 pizza ovens

The features offered by the different models are also part of the criteria to be taken into account.

Some appliances are designed to cook homemade pizzas or reheat prepared pizzas.

Others offer more features and thus allow you to cook different foods such as pies, meats or omelettes.

If this is not the case with the Pizza Festa model offered by Tristar, only designed to cook 4 mini pizzas simultaneously, the Cosylife CL-PZM03 is a multifunction appliance.

Indeed, it allows you to cook pizzas, pies, quiches, or pies.

It also has a crepe maker function to make crepes or pancakes.

Finally, the Cosylife model can be used as a griddle for cooking meat, vegetables and fish.

It is therefore a device that can be used on a daily basis, given the diversity of cooking possibilities.

Cosylife vs Tristar: comparison of the characteristics of the 2 pizza machines

The characteristics of these devices can be almost the opposite from one oven to another.

Capacity is an important criterion.

The Tristar Pizza Festa pizza maker has a cooking surface of 30 cm that can accommodate 4 mini pizzas.

The dimensions of the Cosylife CL-PZM03 are similar, with a diameter of 30.5 cm perfect for cooking a nice family pizza.

The latter has the advantage of being equipped with a 60-minute timer.

It therefore switches off automatically at the end of cooking according to your programme.

The maintenance of these devices is easy because they are both composed of a non-stick coating.

Tristar Pizza Festa model parts are dishwasher safe for convenience.

Finally, the weight can also be a criterion of choice if you have to handle it frequently.

In this case,

the Tristar Pizza Festa model is the winner, with a net weight of 1.5 kg, against 3.2 kg for the Cosylife brand model.

Nevertheless, it can be an indicator of robustness.

Cosylife vs Tristar: price comparison of the 2 models

The price is, of course, an important selection criterion for the purchase of a device like this.

The Tristar Pizza Festa pizza maker is priced at €59.98 at Electro Depot, so it's quite affordable.

Nevertheless, the Cosylife CL-PZM03 pizza maker is offered at a lower price, namely 34.98€.

Given the number of features offered by this device, it seems more interesting to turn to this model.

For 25€ less, it allows you to indulge in everyday cooking without being limited to cooking pizzas.

Order the Tristar Pizza Festa

Order the Cosylife CL-PZM03

Among the pizza appliances on sale at Electro Dépôt, the Cosylife CL-PZM03 model is therefore the most interesting in terms of price, but also wins for its other characteristics, such as power or the number of functions available.

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