A law was passed and passed at the plenary session of the House of Representatives, which includes the use of the "automobile liability insurance" premium paid by automobile users to finance the business to support the victims of accidents with severe disabilities.

The government is considering increasing insurance premiums and will decide on a specific amount within the year.

It is estimated that the special account reserve, which is the main source of financial resources, will be exhausted in the next decade or so for the national business to support victims who have been involved in traffic accidents and have severe disabilities requiring long-term care.

Under the amendment law such as the Automobile Liability Insurance Law, which was passed and passed at the plenary session of the House of Representatives on the 9th, a system to allocate the part called "levy" of the insurance premium for liability insurance to financial resources such as victim support business. Is included to revise.

The "levy" is currently used for businesses in which the government pays the same amount as insurance money to victims who have hit-and-run or accidents caused by uninsured cars and cannot claim insurance money. It will spread.

The government is considering increasing the levy after April next year when the revised law will come into effect, and will decide the specific amount within the fiscal year after repeated discussions.