“Today Nikolai Kostyrkin was detained, this is the editor-in-chief of Gagauznews.

Repressions have begun against information publications, against the press, because, according to the country's leadership, all residents of our country, the Republic of Moldova, should think the way our government, our president [Maia Sandu] would like to think.

In this case, the accusations are far-fetched, such as inciting ethnic hatred and so on,” he said.

He opined that it "will gain momentum".

“I think this is not the first and not the last case in relation to the press,” Petrov said.

On June 9, it became known that a journalist was detained in Moldova, who “distributed propaganda materials” in support of the Russian military special operation to protect Donbass.

He is suspected of "inciting hatred and war," the prosecutor's office of the republic said.

According to reports, the detainee is journalist Nikolai Kostyrki, editor of the information portal Gagauznews.