The first UN General Assembly, which was explained by the permanent members who exercised the veto power at the UN Security Council, was held, and China and Russia, which had previously vetoed the sanctions resolution against North Korea, took their respective positions. Justified.

In response, the United States and Japan have accused North Korea of ​​accepting provocations, and countries have criticized the Security Council for being dysfunctional due to the abuse of veto rights.

In April, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution seeking veto if the permanent members of the Security Council exercised their veto power.

The Security Council last month submitted a resolution to strengthen sanctions on North Korea, which repeatedly launches ballistic missiles, but China and Russia have exercised veto power, so they will seek explanations on the 8th. The first general meeting was held.

At the beginning of the meeting, China's UN Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang said, "We should prioritize dialogue rather than increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula," and Russia's UN Deputy Ambassador said, "Strengthening sanctions does not solve the problem." All of them justified the exercise of the veto, saying that the content of the resolution was unreasonable.

Approximately 80 countries then made speeches, and the United Nations Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations said that the launch of ballistic missiles by North Korea violated the Security Council resolution, saying that China and Russia had "implicit understanding of North Korea's provocation. I gave it. "

Japan's State Minister for Foreign Affairs Odawara also said, "North Korea is accelerating nuclear and missile development as if it were taking advantage of the lack of strong reaction from the Security Council," and restrained China and Russia.

In addition, many countries criticized the General Assembly that "the Security Council has become dysfunctional due to the abuse of veto rights, and the United Nations is no longer able to fulfill its original role." And the division became conspicuous.