Russian propaganda treats every part of the public in the West with messages that promise the greatest echo there.

In France and Italy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indulges in latent chauvinism, flatters the “Grande Nation” and the Italian right in order to justify their own imperialism, which is expressed in a war of annihilation against Ukraine.

In Germany, the propaganda seeps into the federal government and especially the SPD.

As the terror continues, Berlin seems to be responding to Kiev's pleas for support just enough to prevent the Ukrainian resistance from immediately collapsing.

This fits with the attitude of the Gun Resisters Front in this country, which cannot resolve the contradiction that there must be “peace” and negotiations as soon as possible, although the Ukrainians do not want to become slaves without rights and Putin is still pursuing the goal of destroying Ukraine.

Threatening nuclear war or making outrageous comparisons of current politics to the Nazi regime also has an effect on us.

Trump would be Putin's best friend

In the United States, the situation for Putin's propaganda has changed.

With Donald Trump, there was a brother in the spirit of the Kremlin in the White House, a self-deprecating president with autocratic lusts, who eventually even tried to eliminate American democracy.

The situation is different with the administration of Joe Biden and the democratic-minded part of American society, they are not susceptible to autocrat cronyism and do not collapse immediately when threatened.

This also applies to the American media accredited in Moscow, which were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry a few days ago.

There they were told that the US government's "hostile" line towards Russian media would have consequences.

Russian media are "suppressed," said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

What is meant is that the Russian state broadcasters are not allowed to broadcast in the USA.

However, their employees' work permits were not revoked.

They received "qualified" visas, according to US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

Apart from that, it is a "false equation", comparing independent Western journalists with the "Russian government's propaganda arm".

This propaganda arm is the only one that is still allowed to reach out in Russia.

Putin has destroyed the independent press, critical journalists have had to go into exile – where they are supposed to find preferential accommodation in the Federal Republic – anyone who says a “wrong” word about the war from the Kremlin's point of view has to go to jail.

The Russian army is hunting down journalists in Ukraine.

However, Putin can rely on a “propaganda arm” in the USA – the Fox News broadcaster with autocrat fan Tucker Carlson as the whip.

He keeps going with his anti-democratic agenda.