Another year of high school.

  According to data from the Ministry of Education, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination in 2022 will be 11.93 million, an increase of 1.15 million over last year.

  "Chinese young people in the new era are born at the right time and have heavy responsibilities on their shoulders. The stage to display their talents is extremely broad, and the prospects for realizing their dreams are extremely bright." General Secretary Xi Jinping has talked about the importance of reading and learning many times, and he has also placed high hopes on the majority of young people. High expectations.

  On the stage of the new era, we look forward to every young person writing wonderful stories about their dreams.

  On May 4, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about his experience of jumping in the queue during a discussion with outstanding youth representatives from all walks of life:

  "When I went up the mountain to herd the sheep, I carried the book, put the sheep on the hillside, and started reading. When I hoeed the field and started to rest for a while, I took out the Xinhua Dictionary and memorized the various meanings of a word, accumulating it bit by bit. ."

  Learning has always been a drop of water, a long-term effort, and it takes a lot of hard work to blow the mad sand and reach the gold.

  In the face of the epidemic, young people are self-disciplined and persistent, and prepare for the college entrance examination in the best possible state.

  "I ask myself to use self-discipline to defeat anxiety. My requirement for myself is to first complete the homework assigned by the teacher, and maintain a similar learning attitude in the (online) class as usual in school."

  "I believe that everyone has dreams, so how can you be stumped by the epidemic!"

  "I told myself repeatedly that I had to finish my homework and exam questions, and the teacher would teach in class the next day. I would go through the day's learning content and English words in my mind."

  In the simple words, we see a young man who is struggling hard.

  Perhaps, the road to struggle will not be smooth.

  On July 11, 2003, Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, published an article in the "Zhijiang Xinyu" column of "Zhejiang Daily", discussing how to view the college entrance examination.

  "It is gratifying to be admitted to a university, but there is no need to be pessimistic or despair if you are not admitted to a university. The road is at your feet. Whether a person can become a talent or not depends not on whether he goes to university, but on his actual ability. Society itself is a university. School, pay attention to learning everywhere. As long as you are willing to study and endure hardship, you can still become a talent without going to university.”

  The road that Pixing Daiyue has traveled, every step counts!

  At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Su Yiming won the gold medal in the men's snowboard jumping platform and the silver medal in the slope obstacle course, becoming China's first snowboard Winter Olympic champion.

  "The first time I wanted to thank the powerful motherland behind me, because I knew that without the motherland, I would not be where I am today. I really couldn't help writing this letter to express my truest thoughts and thoughts to the general secretary. grateful."

  In a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping, Su Yiming wrote sincerely, "I was born in a great country, grew up in the best era, and realized my dream through hard work. I feel very lucky."

  Every young man who reads at night, every young man who keeps making progress, every young man who falls and stands up, has his own dream.

  On December 9, 2021, the first class of "Tiangong Classroom" officially started; on March 23, 2022, "Tiangong Classroom" started again.

Shenzhou 13 crew astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu turned into "space teachers" and taught at the Chinese space station.

  "Tiangong Classroom" is wonderful, interesting and lively, which has lit up the dream of many students to explore the universe.

  In 2013, Chinese astronauts gave their first space lectures, and more than 60 million primary and secondary school students across the country watched the live lectures.

Li Shibo is one of them.

The space lecture aroused his curiosity about space knowledge, especially his strong interest in spacecraft.

  Today, Li Shibo has become a member of the welding and assembly team of the large metal cabin of the space station.

  Li Shibo was very excited when he saw the astronauts teaching in the space station that he participated in the development of.

The "seed" of that dream has already blossomed.

  Not long ago, there was a group of college students on the "hot search".

The "Cosmic Music Box" satellite musical instrument device they developed is used to collect waveform data from outer space and listen to the sound of the universe.

The inspiration for this creation came from the space lecture 9 years ago.

  The Chinese youth in the new era, with more adequate development conditions, more opportunities for life, more comprehensive security support, and broader growth space, are ushering in a rare life opportunity to build a career.

  As General Secretary Xi Jinping said in his reply to Su Yiming, the new era is the era of dream chasers, and it is also the era of young people achieving their dreams.

  Dare to dream, dare to chase dreams, and diligently realize dreams.

For the dream, come on!

  At the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the members of the Communist Youth League and the representatives of the Young Pioneers loudly shouted the youth oath of "please rest assured the party, and strengthen our country".

  By integrating the "small goals" of personal struggle into the "big blueprint" of the cause of the party and the country, young people turn their pursuit of the Chinese dream into practical things around them, and grow their talents and strengthen their bones through sharpening.

  After 5 years, the technology company founded by "post-90s" Shi Xiaogang has obtained more than 110 AR core patents, becoming one of the very few companies in the world that masters the diffraction grating waveguide technology.

  The 18-year-old Gong Yuben is full of ambition to join the army and serve the country.

Unexpectedly, he encountered a car accident on the way to school. In a critical moment, Gong Yuben sacrificed himself to save others, lost his right leg and missed the opportunity to join the army.

But he didn't stop going.

Gong Yuben started his own business while studying in college, selling agricultural products such as cherries, apples, and specialty dried fruits through e-commerce platforms.

  "I can get back on my feet without the help of the society. I want to pass on the care of the society to me and pass it on to more people." Since 2020, Gong Yuben has led more than 500 volunteers to help children with autism Provide public service.

  Faced with the historic task of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, the younger generation dares to climb the highest mountain and take the most dangerous road.

  The 28-year-old Zhang Ke took the initiative to invite Ying, and successively served as the first secretary of Fotoushan Village and Shaba Village in Nanzheng District, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province.

"I grew up in the countryside of Hanzhong, and my family was poor. I got out of the mountains with the help of everyone."

  For 7 years, he has been on the front line, leading the villagers to build a tea factory and grow kiwifruit.

The villagers embarked on the road to get rid of poverty and become rich, and Zhang Ke also harvested the most beautiful youth.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping placed high expectations on young people at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China: "Only when youth is highly aligned with the cause of the party and the people, the spectrum of youth will be broader and the energy of youth will be able to fully burst out."

  Young people not only have a broad space for development, but also shoulder the great mission of the times.

I am willing to hold Xinghui's pen as a sword and strive to be the first on the track of realizing national rejuvenation.

  Not long ago, the Education Examination Institute of the Ministry of Education wrote in a letter to the 2022 college candidates: "The party and the country are very concerned about your candidates. In order to ensure your health, safety and good performance in this year's college entrance examination, General Secretary Xi Jinping and other central leaders Comrades have given important instructions on many occasions, Party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments have made comprehensive preparations and meticulous arrangements, and the whole society has given great support and care, please feel at ease and rest assured that you and your families.

  Take dreams as horses and live up to your youth.

  I sincerely wish the college entrance examination to go well and show the most beautiful you on the road of chasing your dreams!

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