China News Agency, Hong Kong, June 5th: Hong Kong designer Huang Jing: Building a bridge between Hong Kong design and manufacturing in the Bay Area

  Author Suo Youwei Luo Qianqian

  "When I first went to the mainland, the most real feeling was that the sky here is different, why? Because we have too many high-rise buildings in Hong Kong, when we look at the sky, we often see buildings, and the sky in the mainland is like this. Big, when there is such a large space in a place, the point and angle of thinking about the problem must be different." Huang Jing, a Hong Kong designer who has been deeply involved in the mainland for many years and has made great achievements, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency recently.

  After graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a First Class Honours Bachelor of Design and a Master of Design Management, Huang Jing took the first step to implement his decision on 1 July 1997.

  "You may not have imagined that on July 1, 25 years ago, my girlfriend and I were watching the countdown to the countdown to Hong Kong's return to the motherland in Beijing's Tiananmen Square." Huang Jing, who was born in 1978, recalled with a smile on his face. Qi smiled: "I was just graduating from college, and I just fell in love with my wife. I wanted to find a place to play. I thought that I had never been to Beijing, so I went together. Important milestones like 1978 and 1997 happened to be related to my life. It is also a kind of fate. At that time, I felt that we Chinese people have such a good space. After I graduate, I will come to the mainland for development, and I have never thought about going anywhere else.”

  Huang Jing went to Dongguan in 2001 to choose a Hong Kong-funded company to work. After an early accumulation, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012.

As the chief technology officer and partner of the CTO of DRD Design and Research Institute, Huang Jing uses Hong Kong design to link the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (hereinafter referred to as "Greater Bay Area") to manufacture, to help mainland enterprises enter the international market, and to build a high-quality design brand in China .

  In Huang Jing's entrepreneurial career, he met the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association because of an exhibition. After seven or eight years of cooperation, he called the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association "family".

"From the design part to the final understanding of every detail of the market, this association has given us a lot of support from Hong Kong people. Without this basic support, there would be no development of our company today, and everyone understands me quite well. I think The Association is our 'family'."

  Coordinating the design of the Hong Kong Pavilion of the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair for many times also gave Huang Jing a sense of accomplishment.

"The reason why I can design the Hong Kong Pavilion well is that I understand the needs of the mainland market and mainland friends very well. At the same time, I can show the core things that Hong Kong should show, and I will also show many new Hong Kong designers and designers. Their work 'pulls' in," he said.

  In Huang Jing's view, before the concept of the Greater Bay Area was proposed, the Greater Bay Area had been integrated with him, and his Mandarin was getting better and better. In recent years, he has regarded Guangzhou as an important market.

"The three years of the new crown pneumonia epidemic have been a difficult time for enterprises to face, but because of this epidemic, I can see the support given to us by the Greater Bay Area." Huang Jing said as an example, he and The company established by the partners in Qianhai, Shenzhen not only receives tax support, but also receives very generous subsidies when they win some foreign awards.

In addition, some cities in the Greater Bay Area will provide hundreds of thousands of yuan in subsidies to eligible start-ups.

  Huang Jing believes that the current Hong Kong creative industry market is a bit saturated, and the Greater Bay Area is the first choice when the younger generation of Hong Kong needs to find more space for development.

"I am also the vice-chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Federation. In Hong Kong, we promote the integration of youth into the environment of the Greater Bay Area and even the entire mainland for development. Hong Kong youth need to have a broader perspective and seize the opportunities for national development. I After connecting some original-related platforms with the mainland, let young people feel it for themselves, I believe they will find that there is such a good world." Huang Jing said and smiled again.