• Society A religious group disfigures Colau that promotes pornography by supporting the Erotic Salon

  • Society Victims of child sexual abuse will raise awareness of this "scourge" at the Barcelona Erotic Show

For a long time, eroticism was confused with pornography.

Inside the enclosure you could see scenes of explicit sex and live demonstrations of the products that were marketed.

Instead of a red carpet there was a parade of the main porn stars.

All at the service of one of the industries that moves the most money in the world despite the fact that it was still called


Erotic Show .

However, in its 2022 edition, number 29, after three years without being able to celebrate due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the show has taken a definitive turn towards feminization that it timidly pointed out on previous occasions, such as when it censored The decision of the judges of

'La Manada'

led victims of sexual abuse to raise awareness or stop showing "the infantilization" of porn actors.

And it doesn't do it just to attract a female audience or normalize that all bodies have the right to eroticism, but this year it is also committed to showing the crisis of masculinity and the end of "the macho".

Your promotional ad is a declaration of intent.

Only men appear in uncomfortable situations, such as entering a locker room self-conscious about the size of your penis, crying in public or having a gunshot, among others, and they are part of the so-called "fragile masculinity".

It is accompanied by masculine stereotype images represented in advertisements, actors and movie characters, in sports (with


clutching his testicles), in politicians like




or in

Will Smith

's slap at the Oscars and it is remembered that men have "The brain programmed from a young age so as not to lose points on your macho card".

It is even remembered that it is a legacy that is perpetuated from father to son.

ad image

The ad concludes by reminding men that feminism fights against that male stereotype, the one who "doesn't cry" or the one who "fucks better than anyone", and that the empowerment of women has nothing to do with ending the other gender. .

It shows, without seeing, the feminist street fight against patriarchy to claim the fragility of the male model and also empower it.

And this is what the organizers of the Show claim in the edition that will be held from June 16 to 19 at the Vall d'Hebron Olympic Pavilion in Barcelona.

Continuing with this idea of ​​prioritizing eroticism, porn will be seen in more intimate and reserved spaces and it will be the public who will decide what they want to go see, always with a feminist and inclusive look, both of all types of bodies and ways of living life. sexuality.

There will be a


, BDSM and tantra area, as well as an exhibition of erotic products, book presentations, a tattoo space and a comfortable gastronomic area.

ad image

In addition, the Fair wants to discover new forms of pleasure and for this reason it is committed to the creation of a new virtual reality space as well as a film series on sexuality or an artistic space that will feature illustrations, paintings, photographs and other pieces.

The festival's promotional image, created by designer Marina Salazar, reinterprets figures from Greek mythology in a contrast between antiquity and modernity to highlight inclusiveness and bodily diversity in eroticism.

For more than 30 years, academic circles have been talking about the crisis of masculinity and the difficulties men have in expressing their feelings in public.

These are sociological and psychological studies that have not always been disseminated due to the difficulty of generalizing behavior patterns, since not all of them always have a common emotional learning.

Until now, little had been brought to the field of sex and much less of porn, traditionally reserved for men and to which women have always approached, alone or accompanied, with a masculine gaze.

Now the female perspective of pleasure is offered to the man so that he can face his reflection in the mirror.

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