It is noted that a decrease in world grain prices by about 10% was recorded.

“The departure of ships from Black Sea ports means the release of Ukrainian warehouses, which are estimated to hold more than 20 million tons of wheat, barley and corn, destined for export to both rich and poorer countries, where the blockade risks causing unrest and famine.” , the association said in a statement.

Coldiretti noted that Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh and Iran buy over 60% of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi offered to help the country's Navy in demining ports in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled that Russia does not set any conditions for the export of grain from Ukrainian ports.

He also noted that statements that Russia does not allow Ukrainian grain to be exported are a bluff.

At the same time, Ukraine must clear the approaches to the ports, while Russia, for its part, guarantees the peaceful passage of ships with grain.