Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russia may be forced to expand the scope of settlement of export goods in rubles

  Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, June 3 (Reporter Geng Pengyu) Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said on the 3rd that because the West continues to abuse its position in the international financial system, Russia may be forced to expand the export of goods settled in rubles. scope.

  Zakharova said at a regular press conference that day that in the face of the inability to conduct transactions in multiple foreign currencies and the closure of financial infrastructure to Russia, it was a forced but logical decision to implement a payment mechanism for Russian products in rubles.

Russia will increase the proportion of its national currency in economic, trade and investment relations with major partners.

Russia is indeed considering expanding the scope of ruble payments for certain types of Russian goods.

  Zakharova stressed that the unprecedented restrictive measures taken by the West collectively against Russia have dealt a serious blow to the global economy.

The so-called sanctions have disrupted existing supply chains and disrupted financial settlement systems, causing global product shortages and further pushing up commodity prices, threatening world food security.

  Zakharova also said that Russia is willing to continue to fulfill the obligations of export delivery of important products such as agricultural products, fertilizers, and energy stipulated in international contracts.

The Russian side is concerned about the possible food crisis, and is fully aware that the supply of socially significant commodities, including grain, by Russia is very important to the social and economic development and food security of many countries and regions of the world.

  According to the presidential decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 31, starting from April 1, Russia will switch to rubles when supplying natural gas to "unfriendly" countries and regions.

As of May 31, Gazprom has successively announced the suspension of gas supply to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, the Netherlands and other European countries that have defaulted on natural gas payments and refused to settle in rubles.